Ranking the Most Important on Offense: No. 5

Sooners Illustrated has made it into the top five on the most crucial offensive players countdown.

No. 5:

Player: Ben Habern

Position: Starting center

The rundown: Habern hasn't had a whole lot of good fortune in the health column throughout his couple years so far at OU. He played in a reserve role in 2008 before suffering a season-ending ankle injury leading to a medical redshirt, and then he broke his fibula during the Texas Tech game last year and missed the final two games. But the 6-foot-3, 292 lb. center was good in the 11 games in which he saw action—he started 10 of those—as he accumulated 70 knockdowns.

Expectations for 2010: He should be very healthy to start the season, as he progressed much faster in his rehab that at first anticipated. Habern will be a stabilizing force under center for quarterback Landry Jones and the rest of the Sooner offense. With that said, he is a major anchor for the O-line.

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