Ranking the Most Important on Offense: No. 4

Sooners Illustrated now presents the fourth most important player on the Sooner offensive depth chart.

No. 4:

Player: Donald Stephenson

Position: Starting left tackle

The rundown: Stephenson didn't see any game time last year after playing in a reserve role the year before and redshirting in 2007. But at 6-foot-6, 309 lb., he has emerged as the starter in the left tackle position as the Sooners head into fall camp, in front of Jarvis Jones, who transferred from LSU after his 2007 season.

Expectations for 2010: He has all the tools and size to perform at a winning level as a lineman at OU. And expect him to be motivated to get the job done and ultimately do so in protecting quarterback Landry Jones' blind side. There shouldn't be any problems with Stephenson working at the left tackle spot.

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