Ranking the Most Important on Offense: No. 3

It's time for the third-most important offensive player on the Sooner depth chart countdown.

No. 3:

Player: DeMarco Murray

Position: Starting running back

The rundown: The 6-foot-1, 207 lb. back from Las Vegas has racked up more than 2,400 yards and 35 touchdowns on the ground so far in three years of action. And his best year was in 2008 when the Sooners made it to play Florida in the National Championship Game and he accumulated 1,002 yards and 14 TD's. Last year he started five games and played in 12 of OU's 13 contests.

Expectations for 2010: All signs point to a monster year from the senior. He came out of spring ball healthier than any other time in his career, and barring any setbacks in fall camp, that won't change any. He should be electric in the running game this year, so a combination of Murray and Jermie Calhoun will be lethal.

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No. 24: Bronson Irwin

No. 23: Josh Aladenoye

No. 22: Brandon Crow

No. 21: Cameron Kenney

No. 20: Brian Lepak

No. 19: Trent Ratterree

No. 18: Drew Allen

No. 17: Tavaris Jeffries

No. 16: Jarvis Jones

No. 15: Marshall Musil

No. 14: Eric Mensik

No. 13: Brandon Caleb

No. 12: Tyler Evans

No. 11: Jermie Calhoun

No. 10: Cory Brandon

No. 9: Mossis Madu

No. 8: Stephen Good

No. 7: Jaz Reynolds

No. 6: Jaz Reynolds

No. 5: Ben Habern

No. 4: Donald Stephenson

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