Ranking the Most Important on Defense: No. 21

Sooners Illustrated now presents the second day of the defensive countdown leading up to the season.

No. 21:

Player: Casey Walker

Position: Backup nose guard

The rundown: Game participation was very limited last year for Walker, a 6-foot-2, 301 lb., sophomore from Garland High School in Garland, Texas. He played in only three games throughout the course of the season, but one of those three was a solid performance. In a 64-0 rout of Idaho State in week two, Walker picked up a fumble in addition to a pair of tackles.

Expectations for 2010: He is actually listed at eight pounds heavier than starter Jamarkus McFarland, but he's still in the reserve spot even though his counterpart has been a Sooner for one less year. And he figures to operate in that position throughout the year unless McFarland has issues. That's not to say he can't compete for playing time, but he won't see it in bunches.

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