Ranking the Most Important on Defense: No. 17

Welcome in to today's edition of the most important defensive players.

No. 17:

Player: Justin Chaisson

Position: Backup defensive end

The rundown: Chaisson took the route a lot of Sooners do when they first come to Norman and are behind a wealth of talent, and that's redshirt for a season. But make no mistake about it, he's an athletic redshirt freshman D-end at 6-foot-4, 268 lb. He came out of high school as a star defensive player for the same program, Bishop Gorman High School, that running back DeMarco Murray went to, and he was ranked No. 14 in the national recruiting class at defensive end.

Expectations for 2010: Once again, OU is stacked at defensive end with Jeremy Beal on one side and Frank Alexander on the other. But Chaisson will fight at his position to not only put himself in a better spot but also to improve the unit, one that head coach Bob Stoops said will have to be a force if the Sooners want a potential return trip to the Big 12 Championship and possibly the National Championship in the 2010 season.

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