Ranking the Most Important on Defense: No. 8

Come on in for the latest edition to the countdown from No. 22 to No. 1.

No. 8:

Player: Jamarkus McFarland

Position: Starting nose guard

The rundown: He got good game experience throughout his freshman year a season ago, serving in backup duty and participating in seven games. In those seven contests, McFarland managed eight tackles, five of which were unassisted. He even had 2.5 sacks for a loss of 21 yards in games against Texas A&M and Texas Tech. Coming into the season, he's listed at 6-foot-2, 293 lb.

Expectations for 2010: No doubt he's a crucial player on the D-line, especially with all the starting experience among the other three on the line surrounding him. McFarland has all the tools to beat his man and get to the quarterback and create havoc, something this defense is depending on.

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