Musil Prepares to Perform Multiple Roles

Fullback Marshall Musil doesn't remember a whole lot about his recruiting period.

Heck, he couldn't even recall what offensive coordinator said to him to persuade him to choose the Sooners.

"It feels like a long time ago, but I mean [I don't remember]," Musil said. "There probably was [something]. I mean, I really don't remember. That's amazing. Now that you ask me that, I'm going to be thinking about it all day, but no I don't remember. It obviously got me here, didn't it?

Sure did.

Maybe it dealt with something like this.

"Everybody else [besides OU] had me at linebacker, I wanted to be a fullback," Musil said.

Now in his second year donning the Crimson and Cream--he redshirted last season--the 6-foot-2, 241 lb., Musil heads into the season as the starting fullback.

And it was last spring when he really emerged in route to earning the starting spot.

In a Spring Game where most all of the Sooner running backs didn't have carries--Mossis Madu managed one yard on three carries--it was Musil that stood out some with 92 yards on 29 carries.

Fullback runs are not really an option the Sooners utilize within their offense very often, but Musil proved he's capable of doing so.

"Just for the coaches, it showed that I could run the ball," Musil said. "And I caught a few passes, a couple passes, I don't know. So, it just shows that I can do that kind of stuff. Now it's just up to the blocking. I've got to get that down."

That will be his major role, of course, when the Sooners open up the season in less than three weeks against Utah State in Norman.

"Through two-a-days, I just want to get to the point where my coaches can trust me, the rest of my teammates can trust me," Musil said. "After that, the running and the receiving will come next."

The role of the fullback has become a sort of under-appreciated one, but Musil knows the value of it.

"I mean, if you can run the ball, that's when you win games like Florida and Alabama [have done lately]," Musil said. "We were in it when we could run the ball. We were in it, what was that 2008? Florida could run the ball. Alabama ran the ball really well."

So he's prepared to step up as a blocker and gain some yards on the ground when needed.

"I just do whatever they ask me to do," Musil said.

And that's just the type of player the Sooners need at this position.

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