Q&A: Offensive Lineman Jarvis Jones

Sooners Illustrated recently caught up with backup left tackle Jarvis Jones and asked the 6-foot-7, 277 lb. lineman about his thoughts on a few things surrounding the group.

On what he's been doing in practice--Well, I mean I played tackle mostly. Yes sir, [I played both sides]. But, you know, like I said I just go in and give guys breathers, you know, if they need be, so things like that.

On if the group is coming together--I think so. I think we're getting a lot of camaraderie, a lot of communication, talking to each other, learning about each other a little better. We've got to be here from 7 o'clock to 9 o'clock, so, you know, we don't have any choice but to know these guys and get to know our teammates and the guys that are playing right beside us.

On the competition--Well, the competition is good. I think that be it everybody competing for a spot makes the person compete harder because, you know, he wants to try keep his spot and stay where he is. So, it always pushes them to go harder because they always know that any slip up there's somebody behind you that can take your spot, so the competition is good. I think it does force a lot of people to play harder.

On if a rotation would be good--Oh yeah, for sure. I mean, nobody wants to stay in the game the whole time. I mean, some people do. They say they do, but, you know, a rotation is good because, you know, I can get out to get a breather, and the fresher you are, the harder you play basically.

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