Ranking the Most Important on Defense: No. 4

Sooners Illustrated brings yet another part of the countdown.

No. 4:

Player: Adrian Taylor

Position: Starting defensive tackle

The rundown: Everyone knows the story with Taylor, how he suffered that excruciating ankle injury in the Sun Bowl against Stanford and how he's now still trying to get completely back to 100 percent. It goes without saying a whole lot that, as one of two senior starters on the defensive line, Taylor is a huge leader for this defense. Production-wise, he racked 37 tackles in 2009, 7.5 of which were for loss.

Expectations for 2010: He's still a little slow out of the gates this preseason, but after the first couple weeks expect him to be basically full strength. Taylor will be productive in his final season for the Sooners and will disrupt the passer quite frequently. If--and this is very important--he stays healthy, it could easily be the best year of his career.

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