Q&A: Brandon Caleb

Sooners Illustrated caught up with wide receiver Brandon Caleb to see how things are going for him and the rest of the group in camp, so see the latest interview right here.

On what the wide receiving group has to do better-- Oh, just comes down to concentration, you know, just knowing our route or knowing that we got to block during the play and then if the ball's coming our way, just looking it all the way into the catch and then, you know, going from there, so it just comes to concentration.

On if there's a process of trying to get better at one thing at a time-- Oh yeah, I mean, it's just attention to detail. I mean, we as far as going every route, we just talk about exploding after we catch the ball and getting upfield and just trying to, just getting used to making big plays, you know, just making it second nature, so the way we practice [is] the way we play in games, you know.

On if the tennis ball drill helps-- Yeah, I think it helps a lot. I mean, as far as the tennis ball machines, I mean, we're just looking the ball in, and it just transfers over to the field.

On if he's talked to the freshmen about special teams-- Yeah, I mean, it's a big part of the game, I mean, as far as field position and then guys going out there being able to make plays and it can change a game, so I mean it's just definitely guys going out there just showing effort and just trying to help your team out as much as possible.

On how many special teams he is on-- I think I'm on probably like three out of the four. Kickoff return, kickoff and punting.

On the competition at wide receiver-- I mean, we're all competitive, you know, and no spot's, you know, just filled in. So, I mean, guys [are] coming out here every day just trying to compete and show the coaches that we can make plays and just try and get on the field as much as possible.

On if his injury last year and big games last year translate into confidence and motivation his senior year-- It's just showing that you've got to be consistent, and I've just got to stay healthy as far as just trying to help my team out as much as possible, so I mean I just feel like it's going to be a good year, and I'm healthy, and, you know, the whole wide receiving corps's healthy, so we're real excited.

On if he knows he can do it and the fact that it just comes down to getting a chance-- That's what it comes down to. I mean, whenever you're in there, you just show the coaches you can play, so.

On the blocking aspect of the game-- I mean, it's just a one, two man. You just go out there just knowing that if the ball's not coming your way, you can block for your running back, and, you know, they can make big plays, which translates to the passing game. So, I mean, it's just all around you just got to even if the ball's not coming your way, you just got to show that you can make plays without the ball in your hands.

On if they ran him and Adron at TE last year when the Sooners ran out-- Oh yeah, we did a little bit. Yeah, it was pretty fun.

On an example of slot receiver Ryan Broyles' comments that everything has to be a competition--Yeah, I mean, it's just as far as one on ones, I mean, team running, I mean, everybody's just going out there trying to compete and just bringing a spark to the team, just bringing guys out there and just showing them that, you know, ‘This is how we play here at Oklahoma.'

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