O-Line Shows Flashes of Improvement, Issues

NORMAN, Okla. – The No. 7 Sooners' season opening 31-24 victory over the Utah State Aggies Saturday night was an up and down one for the offensive line.

It allowed for a running back to rush for over 200 yards, but it also allowed a young and struggling quarterback to be sacked three times.

"[The offensive line was] too inconsistent," head coach Bob Stoops said. "You look at the running yards, but still I thought there were too many plays where we don't get anything or negative yards. I thought some of it was even in the protection and some of it was Landry [Jones]. I'm sure he'll see that and learn from it, too."

Despite what Stoops said, this offensive line was better in this season's opener than last season's against BYU.

The line was responsible for former OU quarterback Sam Bradford's injury, numerous penalties and overall sloppy play.

It was still sloppy at times against Utah State, but it did not have as many drives with penalties and, for the most part, provided enough protection for senior running back DeMarco Murray to find holes and the redshirt sophomore quarterback, Jones, to get passes off.

Still, senior right tackle Eric Mensik recognizes the vast differences from a year ago while knowing there is a lot of room for needed improvement.

"I think last season within the first 10 minutes we had how many penalties; I think we had two or three, four at most, the whole game," he said. "It's just we need to come off the ball, we need to execute better, we just need to do our assignments a lot better."

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