Wort: 'I'm Not Going to Let it Happen Again'

The jury's still out on redshirt freshman linebacker Tom Wort's performance in the No. 7 Sooners' 31-24 victory over the Utah State Aggies on Saturday.

What Wort will mainly be credited for coming out of that game would be his two 15-yard penalties during the same drive to allow Utah State to get back into the game. Well, that is the position head coach Bob Stoops has taken.

"I would label that maturity," Stoops said. "That's just poor, selfish play. You know, you just can't; that's just high school stuff."

That lack of maturity ruled out two third-down stops while the Aggies were driving in OU territory and led to a field goal which cut the Sooners' advantage to 21-3 and allowed Utah State to mount a comeback attempt.

"It leads to points – yeah – it just takes away momentum, everything." Stoops said. "We've got them fourth-and-30, and we're just going to give them an automatic first down for that. That's just silly."

But, if you ask Wort, who graded out highly for the game, and his teammates, you'd get a different perspective. Wort made seven tackles, including one tackle for loss in his first career game after missing the entire 2009 season because of a torn ACL.

"For his first college game being a freshman, I thought he played great," junior linebacker Travis Lewis said.

Still, those two penalties are not being ignored, but rather used as a learning experience and moments of too much passion, Lewis said.

"He had some freshman penalties, especially on that fourth down where we're off the field and they have to kick a field goal and whatnot and he pushes a guy on the pile, but all-in-all I think he played pretty good," Lewis said. "I don't want my players to be pushed around, and, you know, and that's what he felt like one of the guys in the pile was doing, so he pushed back."

Wort recognizes the polarity of his play more than anyone. He knows he played well but had momentary lapses of judgment, and he will work on fixing that problem while still improving his game, he said.

"I really didn't play too bad," Wort said. "I was productive, coach [Brent Venables] said, but those negatives, those penalties, they kill me, and since after the game I said I'll take full responsibility. I'm not going to let it happen again, and I'm going to learn from it and keep growing."

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