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NEW ORLEANS - Junior running back Brandon Bolden said Ole Miss hoped to make a statement against Tulane. But after a sluggish second half, the statement wasn't near what the Rebels had hoped for. Quotes from the locker room inside.

RB Brandon Bolden: (On the game) "We wanted to make a statement, so we wanted this game to be that statement game for us. We needed to come out on top." (On the statement made) "It wasn't a big enough statement. We didn't do everything we wanted to do on offense. Defense actually did a pretty good job; they held them off towards the end. But, naw, we didn't do what we wanted to on offense. (On the third-quarter lulls) "It's kind of frustrating, but you've got to press on and get through it. It happens to everybody, so it's just something you've got to work on." (On anything in particular causing the second-half letdowns) "It's nothing you can really just point out. It's just sometimes how the game goes." (On the offensive line, especially fill-in guard Josh Tatum) "Tatum did a real good job, considering it was his first start tonight. It sucks that he got hurt towards the end of the game. Mike Brown came in and did a pretty good job. He got his nose in there. If the guys just keep working, we'll be fine." (On quarterback Jeremiah Masoli and his connections with wide receiver Markeith Summers) "Jeremiah and Markeith have been working on it. Actually, all the receivers, they've been working on it since he's gotten here. He knows his receivers now, he's gotten accustomed to them, he knows where they're going to be. He did a real good job tonight."

SS Johnny Brown: (On the defense's performance) "We really had to come out and make a statement, because we felt like we let the team down last week." (On the statement made) "I don't think it was a big enough statement, but it's a start, though." (On play of the secondary) "I really don't think there were breakdowns of any assignments or nothing like that. They were just making plays. They're going to make plays. (On the return of senior defensive end Kentrell Lockett) "It's better for the defense, because we feel more comfortable. Kentrell has more experience. (On how often he replayed last week's loss to Jacksonville State in his mind) "Every day I replayed it. After the game, I couldn't even sleep. After this win, it kind of put it behind me a little bit. But, at the same time, it's not good enough."

DE Kentrell Lockett: (On his first game since injury) "It was exciting. I still haven't come down from this little high I have of just playing today. But still, it was the first game for me that my teammates had a little something up on me, because they got them first-game jitters out (against Jacksonville State). But I've got mine out now, so I'm fine." (On how he felt the moment he stepped on the field) "That was that adrenaline that I had built up from last weekend that I couldn't release. It was heightened so much that I was back in my hometown and half of my family was here to watch. That all added to everything." (On the team's third-quarter lulls in recent weeks) "It always seems like it's a dead moment when we come out at halftime. But, you know, we weren't going to allow what happened last week. We kind of got down, but we got back up. We weren't going to let it happen again. We had to play ball like we know how to." (On his first sack of the season) "That was a rush. It had me so excited; I almost couldn't focus for the next series. It was just so much for me. I was like, ‘I finally got that first sack under my belt. Now it's time to get No. 2.' I felt like I had fallen back into that groove."

WR Markeith Summers: (On his chemistry with quarterback Jeremiah Masoli) "We've been practicing all them plays and they worked out just how we planned them in the game." (On the offense's performance) "Third quarter, we barely touched the ball, but we've got to execute every time we get it. I feel, for the most part, that's what we did." (On Masoli's touch with deep passes) "They be on the money. You don't even have to break stride. I like it."

QB Jeremiah Masoli: (On his performance) "I think I did alright. I had a couple of throws I'd like to have back. Overall, though, I thought I had a solid performance tonight." (On his chemistry with wide receiver Markeith Summers) "I think me and all the receivers have an excellent chemistry right now. We just haven't had a chance to open it up for those guys yet." (On the third quarter struggles) "Well, we didn't have the ball a lot, if I can recall correctly. That's just something that we have to address and work on as a team." (On the offensive line, especially fill-in guard Josh Tatum) "I think Josh Tatum did a great job for us tonight. They called him up not too long ago. He didn't really know he was going to start this game. But it's unfortunate that he got hurt. The guy who came in for him, we just have to plug and play." (On taking on a leadership role this week with Nathan Stanley hurt) "That's something that I've been aiming to do. This week, I was able to do that." (On his comfort level in the offense) "Way easier, just with more experience and more game reps with these other guys. It just makes me more comfortable with this offense."

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