Nutt: 'Very Disappointing Loss'

Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt said the Rebels made too many mistakes to win an SEC game. Read more inside.

Nutt: That was a very disappointing loss. We wasted away so many opportunities. You just can't do that. Dropped passes. Missed field goal. It's like once we get the momentum and tie it, they go 80 yards. Then we fumble and that really hurts us. You can't play like that in the SEC. Then we've got to get better on short yardage. Got to be able to get one or two yards. The most disappointing thing was I felt like we left a lot of points on the field today.

Q: After you tied it 14-14, it didn't look like anybody touched him at all on the 80-yard run.

Nutt: I don't think one of our linemen squeezed down. One of our gaps was missing there. We didn't squeeze it. The linebackers got blocked. There should have been somebody there.

Q: How do you improve your offensive line?

Nutt: Just what we're doing. Just gotta keep working and get better and better. One step at a time. This is brand new for them. They're going against some guys who have played and been around a while. It's a different game for them. But if you make a couple of those scores, it makes the running game a little easier. You get momentum and you can mix things up. They know you've got to pass, and that's really not our game.

Q: You had three touchdown drops. What did you see on those, and was there any common theme?

Nutt: None. They were just drops and they hurt. Those were six points each, and you've got to have them. If we go up 7-0, there's no telling what happens the way our defense was playing early. Our defense had a lot of momentum and was playing well early.

Q: How much were you relying on Masoli's improvisation?

Nutt: Well we're going to put the ball in his hands. It's a younger offensive line, and we try to get to our skill guys. But what we're hoping is to get up 14 points and let Enrique and Brandon Bolden go downhill. That's what they do. Run the football. But we could never get to that point. We definitely were trying to put it in Jeremiah's hands. He makes a play on that quarterback (touchdown) run. For most people it would probably have been a sack right there. If he catches that reverse on the reverse pass, we had two guys open on that play. Something a little different, a little new. You have to make plays to win in the SEC.

Q: Talk about Korvic Neat.

Nutt: That's usually Jeff Scott's spot but he's hurt and didn't practice all week. So we went with Korvic. He's got to protect the ball, and he's done a good job up until this point. You just can't turn it over.

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