Nutt: "We want to win"

Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt met the media via teleconference Sunday, a day removed from his team's 28-14 loss to Vanderbilt. Read what he had to say inside.

On injuries:

"Joel Kight hurt his ankle (same ankle) and a few had bumps and bruises, but all expected back this week."

On the running game:

"We have to be much better blockers. We didn't block well at all, especially in the middle. We have to keep working there. We could not hang our hat on that. Their two inside guys got after us pretty good - we have to be better.

On overall evaluation of the game:

"We had opportunities. We left 17-24 points on the field. Then we make a drive to tie the game at 14 and then let them hit an 80-yard run. Guys in the wrong gap and the safety didn't get to the middle of the field. We have to emphasize taking advantage of our chances on both sides of the ball.

"The play-action drop to the tight end early was big. We score there and it's 7-0 and creates a while different mindset in the game. It's momentum and confidence we need. It's those things we have to capitalize on."

On the team coming back:

"I believe we can come back. We have guys hurt, coaches hurt - we want to win. There are things we have to do for 60 minutes to do that. We have to learn in a hurry and do better, despite having a lot of youngsters out there. We had a sense of urgency last week in practice, but we did not get it done in the game. That's the bottom line. We'll come back."

On staff reaction:

"It's difficult when you lose. We prepared to win and we expected to win. This is where our staff has to reach down and show our guys the way. They'll look into our faces to see how we respond and it's important that we start this week off the right way. I told the team Wednesday it would come down to five or six plays and that's what happened. That's the next step we have to take - getting that corrected and making those plays. I know we can do it."

On the effect of losses on recruiting:

"We are being received the same way we were this summer. The commitments and the ones we are on heavily see what's happening. They see the guys in the NFL who are playing from last year's team. They see who we are trying to replace. They see they have a great opportunity to play."

On personnel changes on the O-line:

"I think we will have some changes, but I don't want to go into that yet. We'll know something by Tuesday if we do make changes."

On the aftermath of the loss:

"We want to win so much for the Ole Miss nation, for the students, for the team. It's hard to lose. But we'll bounce back."

On the play of QB Jeremiah Masoli:

"I saw a guy who made a lot of plays, but also tried to force a couple. I just need him to take a little more caution. He escaped for a TD run, that very few people could do. He had some dropped TD passes. As the game went on, I think he felt he had to force the issue some, but we don't want him to get into that game. We want him to take care of the ball.

"He gives you a great opportunity to move the chains, even when we aren't blocking well. He's done well, but we want him to take care of the ball a little better."

On guarding against Masoli thinking he has to pull a rabbit from his hat:

"We have to make sure he's aware he doesn't have to do that. Just take care of the ball and we'll score enough points."

On Nathan Stanley playing against Fresno State:

"I don't know that yet."

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