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Senior defensive tackle Ted Laurent has standard explanations for the Rebel defenses lapses, but he really doesn't want to dwell on that. He just wants it to stop - now. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss defensive tackle Ted Laurent, one of the seniors on the Rebel defense, has had enough of the inconsistencies on his side of the ball.

While he feels the Rebels have improved, he says there's no hiding from or excusing the big plays the Rebs have given up this year, which have contributed to the 1-2 record thus far.

"We played good except for two or three plays, but those two or three plays got us beat," said Laurent, who started alongside Jarrell Powe against Vandy after rotating with Powe at nosetackle the first two games. "The 80-yard run and the 35-yard TD run were missed fits, missed assignments.

"You can't have those on this level. When you miss a fit in this league, it goes for six the other way. We all understand that."

Ted is anxious to put the sputtering start behind him and his teammates and move forward.

Ted Laurent

"We will put this behind us - we don't have any other choice, but we need to make sure we learn from it and get ready for Fresno State," he continued. "We still feel we have one of the best defenses in the SEC, but we have to go out there on Saturdays and prove it."

He admits this has been a surprising start to all involved. As in, unexpected.

"We didn't think we would still be having to clean up this much stuff three games in with a veteran unit, but that's where we are," he stated. "I really don't know everything that has happened, but I can tell you one thing - we are going to get it fixed, quickly.

"It's all fixable. Nobody we have played has been better than us. We just have to start being ourselves and stop making mistakes and we can beat anyone in the country. We all believe that."

Football is a team sport, obviously, but Laurent said it's up to each individual to get it done.

Ted Laurent

"We all have jobs to do. If we all do our jobs correctly, we will have a good unit, but it comes down to each individual doing their part to make the whole," he explained. "Again, we'll get it fixed."

Ted said there is absolutely no finger-pointing going on in the Rebel locker room.

"We all together on this. Like I said, we have to do our jobs and get it done. Fit properly, play hard, get it done. It's not about blame," Ted noted. "We've had improvement, but we can't keep giving up the big plays.

"We have to fix a few things, keep our intensity, go full speed and make sure it doesn't happen again. It's not complicated and we are not a splintered group, we have just make some mistakes we shouldn't be making."

Fresno likes to have a balanced attack, but Laurent said none of that really matters at this point.

"It doesn't matter what our opponent does. Run, pass, option - it doesn't matter. We'll be coached up to recognize what they are doing and if we play our assignments correctly, it won't matter what style offense we face," he added.

Laurent was adamant in his prediction.

"Vanderbilt had 230 yards rushing I think. Unacceptable. That's not going to happen again. No more. That's got to be over," he closed. "I know we can all do better. I know I can do better.

"We have all vowed to do better. That's the bottom line."

Vandy ran 60 plays and gained 300 yards.

They got 130 of those yards on three TD runs of 80, 35 and 15.

"For 57 plays, we held them to 170 yards, roughly. For 57 plays, we did our jobs," he closed. "What we have to eliminate is the other three that cost us the game.

"That's the intention. That's the promise we are making to each other."

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