Nutt: 'Proud of our guys'

The following is UM head coach Houston Nutt's postgame comments following his team's 55-38 offensive win against Fresno State.

Nutt: Really proud of this victory tonight. Proud of our guys. Really hate we lost Kentrell Lockett probably for the season. Think it may be an ACL. Not for sure. That really hurts us. He's a leader, a captain for us. So we've got to get another freshman ready. They'll do an MRI on Enrique Davis sometime tomorrow or Monday. Our guys played hard. First thing Pat Hill said to me was we didn't expect you guys to play that hard. If you don't play hard against a team like that, you're going to get beat. That's a good football team. Every time you watch, they score, they match scores, that's the way they play. They're a physical bunch. They can score. I was really proud of our guys' efforts. I was proud of our offensive line. They're new. We've had four different lineups. I'm really proud of Bradley Sowell and Bobby Massie. A.J. Hawkins has gotten better. Logan Clair has gotten better. We had a brand new freshman in there tonight – Patrick Junen. He grew up tonight. Brandon Bolden ran so hard. Enrique Davis was having a really good night until he got hurt. And then Jeff Scott gives us that lightning bolt that we needed. I think our receivers were really into it. The way the second half was going, I just wanted to run clock and go home. Nothing like a win.

Q: You said this week you wanted them to turn it loose. Was this more of what you were talking about?

Nutt: No question. They turned it loose. Everybody had to play tonight for us to win. They turned it loose, and I was really proud of them.

Q:Talk more about Bolden, and did you think your team could run for this many yards?

Nutt: I thought we could run, but not for this many. Never thought about Brandon running for 228 yards. We've been trying to do it by committee, but he made some runs and those yards add up. He found some holes in there and had some good blocking and he hit it. Really proud of the way he played tonight.

Q: Did you sense your team as more physical up front than you have been offensively?

Nutt: Yes. Absolutely. Coach (Mark) Markuson does an awesome job of trying to get those guys going, and he did. It's been a couple of sad Sundays, guys. These guys don't like to lose. These coaches don't like to lose. I know sometimes our people get upset. Multiply that times 70. We live and breathe and eat this, and all we want to do is please the Ole Miss student body and the fans. These guys have a lot of pride and they work hard. This was a good win tonight.

Q: After being down 7-0, your team went on a 41-3 run. What did you tell your team after it got behind?

Nutt: I just said we had to answer. I talked to them much harder at halftime about finishing. I told them to play with all the passion and energy, and leave your heart out there in Vaught-Hemingway, then I can live with whatever happens. I appreciate that.

Q: Have you gotten a chance to talk to Kentrell Lockett yet?

Nutt: Just briefly. He's heartbroken and I am too. Just makes you sick to lose a leader like that and a playmaker, an experienced guy. It's really sad but that's just a part of it. I really haven't had a chance to talk to him.

Q: You played Delvin Jones tonight.

Nutt: It would have been Carlos Thompson, but he's hurt right now, a pulled groin. So we had to go down there and get another freshman. Delvin is going to be a guy we really lean on and give him a crash course and get him going.

Q: Any early thoughts on how Delvin looked?

Nutt: I know his head was spinning. But he was there on just a few packages on third down. He's strong for a freshman. He's quick, but he's got to learn on the run. He's got to be better, because I didn't see him make a tackle. I hope he did but I didn't see him make one. You've got to make a play.

Q: Talk about stopping their run. They only got 30 yards on the ground.

Nutt: We knew they had a good passing attack. It's even better if they are able to run the ball. You don't want them to run the ball and you have to be physical. Our guys did that. Wayne Dorsey, he's got to keep coming. I'm glad we've got him and we desperately need him. He's getting better and we need him to take another step for us.

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