'About Time'

After Fresno State went ahead 7-0 in the early going, Rebel QB Jeremiah Masoli knew something positive had to happen for the Ole Miss offense. Read about it inside.

Fresno State opened up Saturday's game with a long drive for a touchdown, leaving the Rebels looking at a 7-0 deficit with just 3:17 elapsed in the game.

Veteran quarterback Jeremiah Masoli knew the Rebels needed to answer in a hurry.

He proceeded to rip off a 56-yard run that led to Enrique Davis' 8-yard TD run to tie the game a little over a minute after the Bulldogs had scored.

"It was huge that we answered. It was a big confidence boost for us, one we needed," noted Masoli, who finished the night with 59 yards rushing and 153 yards passing on an 8-for-12 effort.

Jeremiah Masoli

From there, the Rebels were off and running, literally, rolling up 425 yards on the ground and 578 yards of total offense on the night.

"It was about time," Masoli smiled. "We knew all week long that there was no way we could lose another game at home. We talked about it all week.

"We got that first score under our belts and it just started breeding confidence for the whole offense. Now we have to learn to carry that over to the next game."

Masoli said he saw a different attitude in the game than in previous weeks.

"Everyone was pumped. Everyone was amped up and we knew what we had to do," he said. "It was good to go out there and do it. It was fun playing on that level.

"That's what mature teams do. We are about to go back in the SEC and as our opponents get tougher, we have to keep raising the level of our play."

The Rebel offense amassed those impressive numbers with their fourth different starting OL lineup in four games, including two guys - guards Patrick Junen and Logan Clair - who had never started a college game before.

"That was a really good defense we played. Everyone needs to know that, but our offensive line and running backs put it all together that night," he stated. "Brandon was running hard and it just clicked.

"The new guys on the line did a great job. They did exactly what we asked them to do. If they will stay consistent with their effort, they'll just keep getting better."

With the running game humming, Masoli took advantage through the air when necessary.

Melvin Harris snags one of Masoli's eight pass attempts

"Fresno had to load up against the run and that gave us single coverages we could exploit. It was fun," he added.

While Jeremiah's numbers were not overwhelming, what was impressive was how he ran the read option, time after time giving to the right person to open ground.

"We saw on film that Fresno did not play the option well. The O-line blocked everyone up and there were holes there for our backs to run to. I saw the holes and just gave the ball up for big chunks of ground," he explained. "I had confidence in our offensive line. We have built a trust factor, even though we have some new guys up there."

Masoli was glad to see the Rebels "turn it loose."

"The only times we got stopped were when we stopped ourselves. We came out there and played like I know we are capable of playing," he stated.

Houston Nutt said Sunday that Masoli shaved his errors down from eight against Vandy to four against Fresno. He had two turnovers - a fumble in traffic on a run and an interception.

"Those are things I can't do. I have to eliminate them totally. I was better this week, but I've still got work to do," he added.

The smooth operator took one more step to being ever smoother.

The climb to "even better" continues, but now the Rebel QB has another weapon in his arsenal.

Renewed confidence among the offensive players.

"We have to keep building, but we are getting there," he closed.

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