Tuesday Practice Report

With several players injured, the Rebel coaches are shuffling players around and promoting others to try to fill in the gaps effectively. Read about it inside.

DE Kentrell Lockett, SS Johnny Brown, CB Jeremy McGee, WR Korvic Neat, DE Carlos Thompson, TB Enrique Davis. . .

Those are the Ole Miss players who are sidelined with injury - right now - and those are the players who the Rebel coaches are trying to replace as practice for Saturday's game with Kentucky cranked up on the beautiful day in Oxford. "We've got several holes to fill and that will be priority number one this week," said Coach Houston Nutt. "We will find a way to make it work."

Right now, the defensive end rotation without Lockett in the mix will be Wayne Dorsey, Cameron Whigham and Jason Jones on one side and Gerald Rivers, Delvin Jones and D.T. Shackelford on the other.

At safety, it looks as if the duties will fall to Damien Jackson, Fon Ingram and Brishen Mathews with CB Frank Crawford sliding over to safety in certain situations.

With McGee not practicing for now, Charles Sawyer and Marcus Temple will start if he does not come back, with Tony Grimes and Frank Crawford backing them up, most likely. It's too bad redshirt freshman CB Ryan Campbell decided to quit the team recently. He might be in line for some action.

With Neat out, Derrick Herman will get more looks at wideout and maybe some action at tailback in certain situations, very similar to the duties Neat had before his injury.

Houston Nutt

"We had a really good practice today. I'm proud of the attitude, especially when you look on the sidelines and see Kentrell, Jeremy, Johnny Brown and Enrique just gtting out of surgery this morning," said Nutt. "I was a tough weekend, but guys like Jason Jones, Cam Whigham, Gerald Rivers, Charles Sawyer and several more have to really step up for us."

On Tuesday, a couple of them stepped up a little.

"I was proud of Charles and Tony Grimes and Brishen Mathews today. They are learning on teh fly. They have to keep going in that direction," said Houston.

Most of those are on the defensive side of the ball, the side that will have to defend Randall Cobb, Kentucky's jack-of-all-trades.

"We're still trying to figure out how to handle him. He's really good. He can do it all - he makes it happen. We have to keep our eyes on him and know where he's lining up. I don't know if anyone can shut him down, but we will need to slow him down," Nutt stated.

On offense, with Davis out, Nutt talked about the running back rotation.

"We'll go with Brandon Bolden, Jeff Scott, Rodney Scott and Delvin Thomas," he explained. "We have to get them going early and often."

Random Notes:

* Rebel Quarterback Jeremiah Masoli got some relief in the win over Fresno State and he hopes it will carry over. "I did alright. There are a couple of things I want back - the interception and the fumble," said Jeremiah. "I'm 100% comfortable in the system now. Coach Nutt and Coach (Dave) Rader are great offensive minds and I now understand not only what they are calling but why they are calling it. I'm glad we are running the read option - I'm real comfortable with that. We made some big plays out of that formation with Brandon, Jeff and I running it. Kentucky plays hard, has some speed and will bring it Saturday. We will have to bring it too, but at least we are building up to Saturday with a good taste in our mouths. That always helps."

* With the success of the revamped offensive line in the Fresno State game, it will remain the same for Kentucky: LT Bradley Sowell, LG Patrick Junen, C A.J. Hawkins, RG Logan Clair, RT Bobby Massie. . . As a side note, however, Josh Tatum, the starting right guard against Tulane who injured his ankle in that game is back at practice now and appears to be close to full speed.

* Davis had his knee surgery today in Jackson. The operation, performed by Dr. Will Geissler at UMC, centered around repairing both the lateral and medial meniscus ligaments. Most likely, Enrique will be out "3-4 weeks," according to Nutt.

* DE Kentrell Lockett, who will be out the remainder of the season, will have his ACL surgery next Tuesday in Jackson, also by Dr. Geissler. Kentrell has already stated he will apply for a sixth year. His reasoning is simple. Even getting the knee fixed now, he will not be ready for the NFL combine or draft of 2011. He would be better off, if the NCAA grants his request for a sixth year, rehabbing and playing another year collegiately.

Kentrell Lockett

* TB Tim Simon came to practice Tuesday with a smile on his face. For the first time since his devastating knee injury a year ago, he now has some control over his foot movement and said he feels confident he is on the right track to recovery. Cross your fingers and say a little prayer for Tim.

* WR Korvic Neat, who pulled a hamstring last week and missed the Fresno State game, is expected to be out another week or two.

* Freshman DE Carlos Thompson has a groin injury and is not practicing.

* SS Johnny Brown is setting his sights on playing against Kentucky this weekend, but the trainers still have him on the doubtful list with his hamstring/knee injury.

* CB Jeremy McGee, who suffered a concussion on the first play of the Fresno State game, is trying to work his way back on the field in time for the Kentucky game, but the trainers and doctors held him out of practice today. We'll see where this leads in a day or two. "I'm not sure if he can come back or not," said Nutt.

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