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Ole Miss Defensive Tackle Jerrell Powe doesn't care if he shows up big on the stat sheet or not. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss Defensive Tackle Jerrell Powe doesn't know, or care, what his statistical line is through five games.

He only knows one stat - 3-2.

That's the record, thus far, and that's all that matters to the Preseason All-SEC selection.

"I have never paid attention to personal stats," said Jerrell. "I only pay attention to one thing - winning. When you look at the scoreboard at the end of the game and we have more points than the other team, that's all I care about.

"Coach (Houston) Nutt always talks about a celebrated locker room, so that is my measure of success. It doesn't matter how many plays I make, how many points the other team scores, how many points we score. It's only about one thing - who wins."

For the record, Jerrell only has eight tackles, three for loss, and a pass batted down on the year so far.

That doesn't seem like much, but Powe is a marked man, drawing double teams on almost every snap.

Those double teams eat up blockers and allow someone to be "free," and more able to make the play.

"Jerrell is doing what we ask him to do," said Defensive Line Coach Terry Price. "We'd love for our opponents to try to block him with one man, but that's not happening much. As long as he's eating up two blockers and making the plays he can make, he's done his job."

Powe feels he's been "solid" thus far.

"It's easy to know when you are doing OK - you aren't getting chewed out in the film room on Sunday," he smiled broadly. "I've been chewed on one time so far, for missing a contain, so I must be doing pretty good.

Jerrell Powe

"I've been solid, I think. I'm being a team player and doing what I'm supposed to do. I'm getting doubled every play, so someone else is free to make a play, and I slip in and make one every now and then too."

Powe expected the extra attention from opposing offensive lines, but he's hoping maybe Alabama will approach him differently.

"They like to man up a lot. I haven't seen much one-on-one this year, but I look for them to do that more than anyone we face. It will be fun - I'll see how I measure up," he stated. "I'll be looking forward to that if they go that route."

Jerrell said it's human nature to get a little frustrated with constant double teams when he's a playmaker at heart, but he gets solace from other sources.

"Sure, it's frustrating at times, but when your defensive coordinator is pointing out my contributions of taking on that double the right way, it makes you feel good. It's as good as making a play," he closed. "When you get pointed out by your coaches for doing the right things, it makes me just as happy as getting a tackle for a loss."

Jerrell Powe hasn't had his number called as much as some expected, maybe even as much as he expected, but at the end of the day, he's at peace with his play.

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