Through patience and hard work, sophomore fullback H.R. Greer has found a niche' and has become a contributor to the Rebel offense. Read about it inside.

Sophomore fullback H.R. Greer, to put it bluntly, couldn't seem to break through much his first couple of years on campus.

Despite being one of the hardest workers on the team, getting his body right, increasing his strength and being a model student-athlete, his career, although still in its early stages, seemed to be in a stalemate.

In fact, last season, with his options at fullback limited, H.R. asked to be moved to linebacker, looking for any opportunity for an opening.

When the Rebels came back for spring training, however, the coaches had opted to move him back to fullback, where he worked behind E.J. Epperson for the bulk of spring training.

When fall camp opened, Greer was number two on the depth chart, but he had to take on a run by true frosh Martez Eastland and Nick Parker, who also plays tailback.

At the end of August, H.R. survived that competition and started the season subbing for Epperson.

H.R. Greer

As the season has progressed, however, Greer's playing time and value to the team have increased.

"H.R. is hard-nosed, he's assignment sound and he's reliable," said RB Coach Derrick Nix. "You know you are going to get all he's got on every snap. That's why he is playing more."

H.R. has slipped in the lineup enough to have five catches on the season, including a TD snag against Kentucky in an important Rebel win last weekend.

Greer is the ultimate team player, fullbacks have to be. They don't touch the ball often, but they are a big part of any offensive success, especially in the run game.

The Rebels are currently second in the league in rushing offense, averaging 232 yards a game.

"That's nice, but I'm not so sure I like us being second. I firmly believe we can be the best rushing team in the conference," said Greer. "If we put our minds to it, we have the coaches and the players to do it - I really believe that."

Greer is smart enough to know everything starts up front and he's got a bird's eye view of the Rebel offensive line.

"I line up right behind them and I can tell you without hesitation our OL is getting better every single practice, every day. I watch them on film every day and those guys are really working. They want to be good and will do what is necessary to get it done," he assessed. "Patrick Junen being a starter? Man, that's unheard of, really, a walk-on freshman starting in this league, but it just shows you what hard work can do for you."

But enough about everyone else. What has Greer done to put himself in the picture more?

"The Lord blessed me with an ability to play this game and I intend to maximize it," he said. "The coaches had faith in me and recruited me to come in here and make a difference. That's my goal.

"I want to help win games by doing whatever I can do and whatever is asked of me. That's all there is to it, really."

H.R. is proud of what he has been able to add to the Rebel efforts this year, but he believes there's more out there for him and the team.

"I've gotten a taste of it now and it makes me want more," Greer noted. "I've done OK, but I am going to stick to my basic principle of life - you can always do better, do more.

"I can help this team more. We can do more as a team. Those are my goals, to help see that through. I have been blessed to be here. I am close to home, playing SEC football for coaches I love with teammates I love. What could be better?"

What can Greer improve on? He jumps on that question quickly.

"Everything. I can improve on everything - every single day. I've never been one to get satisfied and I'm certainly not going to start now," he added.

Greer has seen the Rebs' next opponent - Alabama - on film and is about to jump out of his skin for that game to roll around.

"Some guys may get nervous about that kind of game, but this is what I thrive on. You work so hard all year long to match your skills with the best and they are the best," he closed. "I truly cannot wait. It's going to be so much fun."

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