Position Irrelevant

Sixth-year senior defensive lineman LaMark Armour will do whatever is necessary to help the Ole Miss defense improve, even changing positions in the middle of the season. Read about it inside.

After a career seemingly loaded with injuries, sixth-year senior defensive lineman LaMark Armour is not a hard person to please.

Just give him his health and an opportunity and he's all in.

"It really does not matter to me where I play, I just want to help the team. DT, NT, DE, LB - just tell me what to do and put me in the game," said Armour. "I'll give it everything I've got, no questions asked."

LaMark proved that last week.

Even though he has been playing defensive tackle, the fourth man in a four-man rotation, for the past two years, the Rebels needed a more physical presence at defensive end and had just about exhausted all their options.

The staff called on Armour to slide out to defensive end for the Alabama game. He responded with six tackles, including half a quarterback sack, in the outing and gave the Rebs a little more muscle up front against the Tide's physical offensive line.

"Coach (Terry) Price told me in a team meeting during the bye week that they were thinking about moving me outside and I was all for it," Armour stated. "Like I said, I was ready for anything to help the team.

"I used to play D-End so I was familiar with the position. Besides, once you are a D-Lineman, you are a D-Lineman - D-End, DT, NT, Bandit, it doesn't matter a lot."

He admits there are adjustments to make from being on the inside to moving to the outside.

LaMark Armour

"At defensive end, you just have further to go to make some of the plays because you are coming off the edge, but you can make plays from any position if you play your technique and play hard," he explained. "From inside, you can be disruptive, jam up the middle or take a straight line to the quarterback if you beat the lineman in front of you.

"At defensive end, you can come off the edge and get to the quarterback or crash down the line and get a running back behind the line of scrimmage. Basically, what I am saying is that I have no preference. My preference is to be in the game."

LaMark did feel a little rusty with his pass rush technique, but he says he can get that down this week.

"There were things that came back quickly and things that weren't as natural as they used to be, but I will work hard and get it down this week," LaMark added. "I'm bigger, so I think I give the position a little more punch, but we have some defensive ends who are probably faster than I am, so it's whatever the coaches feel we need at the time."

The Rebel defense was more physical against the Tide than they have been in previous weeks. A bigger body at end was one reason.

"Really, we finally played like we are supposed to. What you saw against Alabama was us, the real Rebels," he noted. "I wish I knew where that has been, but I was glad to finally see it.

"But I will tell you something else - that was not our best. We can do better than that. We have to keep striving to get better and better each week. We need to stay as physical as we were against Alabama and tighten up a few things and we will be fine the rest of the way."

Due to last year's experience, and the waiver for a sixth year from the NCAA, LaMark feels he has made a bigger impact this year.

"I'm more confident this year because of the experience I got last year," he explained. "I really feel like I am helping the team more this year because of my knowledge and experience.

"There's not much an opposing offense can run against us that I haven't seen now and that wasn't the case last year."

Armed with that experience, the transition to defensive end has been more comfortable.

So, what is it? LaMark Armour the defensive tackle or LaMark Armour the defensive end?

"I'm LaMark Armour the defensive lineman," he smiled.

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