Nutt: 'Too many missed opportunities'

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt met the media Saturday, shortly after his team fell, 38-24, to his former team. Read about it inside.

Opening statement:

I thought our guys played hard. I was very proud of them. We've been a team like this all year. Too many missed opportunities. When you get an interception in the first quarter, you've got to take advantage of it. We've been consistent at doing that, where we don't play together on offense, defense, special teams. We have glimpses of really good things for a young group. But in this league, you've got to take advantage. Our guys competed very hard.

Jeremiah Masoli

Offensively in the second half we got back to doing what we wanted to do, keep the clock, be able run, mix it up with pass and put points on the board. I thought everything was in our favor. But you can't give up big plays. You can't give up 80-yard plays. You can't miss tackles. We have to do a better job when we have an opportunity to execute and to score. We didn't do that. Jeremiah was very good today. He gives us a chance with a very young offensive line. I just wasn't planning on given up that many big plays in the run game. We've got to put everything together. That's the only way you can win in this league.

On rain delays: I really thought it was in our favor. I thought the momentum switched in our favor. Our players felt good about that. Of course, you don't ever like delays, you don't like restarting, re-warmup. That's just part of it. We come out and kick the ball out of bounds on the last delay. There they are at the 40. That was a big difference for them. Then we fumble at the 1. Makes you sick.

On what was said during the delays: We just talked to them about what we're going to do, how we're going to go back and approach things. They were very intent and focused. I thought our locker room was good. They stretched and warmed up, especially for a young group that's never experienced anything like that.

On Brandon Bolden being in the Wild Rebel at the 1-yard line: We've scored that way a million times. He's done it the last two years. Hindsight I guess I could have left Jeremiah in there. We should have scored the time before with the fullback and tailback when we were underneath the center. But he took his eye off the ball.

On Jesse Grandy fielding the ball at the 4 on a punt: That was ridiculous; Jesse made a poor decision. I don't know what he was thinking there. He's been very good putting his heels at 10 yards and so consistent. He wasn't paying attention. Punt return, couple of long returns. That really hurt.

On his team continuing to fight: That's what I love about the team. They compete hard. I just want to eliminate some foolish mistakes. That's how we won last year, by capitalizing on their mistakes and executing. This year, little bit younger in the O-Line. That's why Jeremiah is on the run a little bit more. Timing is a little off in the passing game, because we have to continue to work on protecting. It's not easy in this league. It's not easy.

On exposing their secondary in the second half but not earlier: We were going to do that earlier, but there were too many three and outs. Probably should have done it more on first down. Same game plan in the second half as it was in the first half. We just didn't jumpstart quick enough.

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