Ole Miss Defensive Coordinator Tyrone Nix went with a logical strategy - try to contain Auburn QB Cam Newton - but in the end, the rest of Auburn's team was just as lethal. Read about it inside.

Going into the game with Auburn, Ole Miss Defensive Coordinator Tyrone Nix chose to try and contain Tiger Quarterback Cameron Newton, who was coming off a 200-yard rushing performance against LSU.

As it turns out, he was just picking his poison, and everything Auburn had at their disposal was lethal.

It's true Newton didn't rush for many yards - 45 on 11 carries, but it turns out he's arsenic throwing the ball as well as he went 18-24 with no interceptions good for 208 yards and 2 TDs.

"We tried to make it a one-dimensional game and cut Newton off from running. We did a good job of that, but we struggled everywhere else," said Nix. "We challenged them to see if he could complete some passes and apparently he's as good a passer as he is a runner.

Newton had 209 yards passing

"They were 9-13 on third downs, 6-6 in the first half. We could not get off the field."

Then the Rebs got a dose of cyanide as a trio of Auburn running backs rushed for 295 yards, led by freshman Michael Dyer with 180 on just 21 totes.

"Cam is definitely not a one-man team. We never thought he was, but the guys around him exceeded what I thought they would do," he added. "Their backs ran hard and were quick."

And perhaps the anthrax was a veteran offensive line who controlled the Rebel DL combined with a group of receivers who found every opening in the secondary and exploited it.

"You have to give their offensive line a lot of credit. Four of the five are seniors and they are very well-coached," Tyrone continued. "They were very physical and sound fundamentally.

"Newton had a lot of time to throw. Part of that was us trying to contain him in the pocket, but part of it was them doing a good job protecting him. Our approach didn't work. We didn't want him running up and down the field like he has been, but we didn't do a good enough job on the rest of their guys. Their receivers were very good and they made us pay as well."

In short, the Rebs had no answers for Auburn's offense and the final tally was a mind-boggling 51 points and 572 total yards.

"Again, we didn't tackle very well. We will continue to work on that every day and see if we can't shore that up," he concluded. "We've got a couple of players beat up - MLB Jonathan Cornell (hip) and DE Gerald Rivers (ankle). This will be even more opportunities for our young kids. We are down to our third DE at that one position. Our DL is really dwindling away, but we are going to coach up the young guys and go with the healthy ones. Mike Marry played down the stretch in Cornell's spot some. We just have to keep working and see if we can get some wins and see if we can't get to a bowl game."

While Newton was somewhat contained in the run game, his prowess is not lost on Nix.

"He's a special player. What makes him even more special are the people around him. We talked about his OL, but he's got really good backs and receivers," Nix closed. "A great QB, a very good OL, a loaded back field and receivers who can make plays. That makes them a very, very good offense, obviously."

We now know how the Arkansas and LSU defenses, who gave up big chunks of real estate to Auburn as well, feel.

On the offensive side, the Rebs just couldn't keep up with the torrid scoring pace of the Tigers.

31 points and 407 yards of total offense is not a bad day's work, but it, unfortunately, was not enough.

"The game just got away from us," said Co-Offensive Coordinator Mike Markuson. "It was 14-14 and we had some momentum, we get a turnover and then throw a pick at their 3. From there, we couldn't keep up. Big play there - the interception we threw, real big.

Jeremiah Masoli

"We knew we would have to score a lot of points to keep up with Auburn's offense, but we just didn't get it done. This game got away from us quickly."

Markuson said the Rebs didn't do too terrible, overall.

"There's no such thing as moral victories. Moral victories are for the birds, that needs to be said first," said Mike, "but I saw a better effort up front by our offensive line, (Jeremiah) Masoli had a good game and Jeff Scott is a good back.

"We are trying to grow up and it's a process. We still have a lot to play for and we will remain focused. We're pointed in the right direction. We are playing the hand that's been dealt, and some of our issues are self-inflicted, but it is what it is and we have to keep pressing on."

Markuson went with Alex Washington at left guard instead of Patrick Junen. He also went with freshman Jared Duke at right guard.

"I could see during the week that Junen's ankle was still bothering him. You have to play with healthy bodies in this league with the defensive lines we face week-in and week-out," he explained. "Alex has done a good job in the past week or so in practice and he cares. Also, he's healthy.

"We did some good things. We just have to keep plugging and growing. That was a good defense we put 31 points on and we could have scored 38 or 45, so that was somewhat encouraging."

Auburn came into the game as the number one team in the nation in the BCS poll.

They left Oxford, it says here, still number one.

On the other side of the field, the Rebels are now 3-5 having suffered three straight losses to the dreaded Triple A - Alabama, Arkansas and Auburn, two of which were on the road.

To add insult to injury, the Rebel kickoff coverage team continued to flounder, giving up a 95-yard return with a little over 2 minutes to go in the first half and the score a manageable 24-17 in Auburn's favor.

There's a world of difference in 24-17 at intermission and 31-17.

"Like I said, it got away quickly and we couldn't slow it down," Markuson ended.

Pick your poison. . . . . with Auburn, it's all fatal.

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