Nutt: 'The Year of the Injury'

Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt was happy with the victory and pleased with his defense in the second half. But he knows his team had a chance to put the Rebels' 43-21 win against Louisiana-Lafayette away earlier.

Opening statement:

"The year of the injury. You look around and Jeff Scott pulls a calf muscle in pregame warmup. Jeremiah Masoli takes a hit, and he doesn't know where he is for a little while. A.J. Hawkins goes down. On and on and on. I got on them a little bit at halftime. I asked them to really step up and finish. I thought our defense really came to play that third quarter.

"Offensively proud of basically a different type of offense. I thought for the most part our backs ran hard. Nathan Stanley did a good job of coming in and handling the ball, the clock management, taking care of the ball for us. I was proud of Nathan, having not played all year. It was a good to win."

Q: What is the injury situation?

Nutt: "Jeremiah is better right now, but you always worry about concussions. So we probably won't know until Monday or Tuesday. They'll run those thorough tests starting tomorrow. A.J. Hawkins (ankle), don't know how bad that is. Hoping he's going to be OK. Jeff Scott might could have played him tonight but we didn't. We want him at full speed. There are probably more but that's the ones I can think of off the top of my head."

Nathan Stanley

Q: Elaborate on the defense not giving up points in the second half.


"They really bowed their neck and played very fast. I thought our leaders stepped up. Ted Laurent, Jerrell Powe, Jonathan Cornell, Johnny Brown, Allen Walker, really vocal and encouraging one another. They set the tone."

Q: Talk about Bryson Rose.

Nutt: "Bryson has been outstanding. Very good, very consistent. We're very proud of what he's done."

Q: You were working on a blowout (up 27-14) until that fumble (that was returned 93 yards for a UL-L touchdown).

Nutt: "No question. Then Rodney (Scott) fumbles that ball, and that's a nightmare, going the other way. Completely different game. I'm glad we got the three points right before the half. That was critical to make it a nine point lead. Very careless (on the fumble) right there."

Q: Talk about both Enrique and Brandon running the football tonight.

Nutt: "Good to see Enrique just now getting close to full speed again. Little tougher surgery than we anticipated. Boy he ran hard tonight, and he's a strong runner. And Brandon Bolden is so valuable because he does so many things for us. Both of those guys to go over 100, I was very proud of them and they carried the load for us. And took some pressure off Nathan."

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