Nutt at the Podium

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - The following are Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt's postgame comments following his team's 52-14 loss to Tennessee.

On the game:

"Just a bad, bad feeling today. Bad showing. Start off the game feeling good. Went from one end of the field to the other, but we had a dropped pass. And then, boy, we're in good position (defensively). Tip a ball up, thought we were going to intercept that ball, but the way things went were just absolutely perfect for them. All day long, we really helped them by throwing interceptions and turnovers. (The 80-yard touchdown) was a typical play for them. We thought we were going to tip it, knock it down or intercept it, and they go 80 yards. Bottom line, it's just bad. Just a bad, bad day for the Ole Miss Rebels."

On Jeremiah Masoli:

"Just wasn't setting his feet. He wasn't doing some things he normally does. That hurt us. I don't want to make excuses."

On when the decision finally came for Masoli to play:

"Oh, whenever (athletic trainer) Tim (Mullins) gave it to me. I think it was Friday sometime."

On Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray:

"He had a lot of good, short fields. I think he did a good job. He did a good job executing, throwing the ball. We knew he could do that. But never in a million days did I think it would have been 52-14. That's just what turnovers and mistakes do. We have a little bit of tendency to do that. We're not good enough to overcome it when you do that."

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On Masoli's first interception returned for a touchdown:

"That's just a back-breaker, when you feed the fire, fuel their fire like that. He didn't see that corner there. He just didn't have a good day today, guys. There's no way to hide it. He just didn't have a good day. I think he'll be the first to tell you. We put a lot on his shoulders."

On this team's inability to make plays:

"That's the bottom line. That's it. Last year, that's why the score (a 42-14 Ole Miss win) was the way it was – in our favor. If you look at last year, very similar. Why? Play-makers make plays.

"Get a fumble; get a tipped ball, instead of tipping it up to them. That's just been the entire difference. I was proud of the things the offensive line was doing. I was proud of them. They really fought hard. Nobody let go of the rope, but we just can't give out that many gifts."

On the answer to finding play-makers:

"Well, I know Ja-Mes Logan can make (the catch he dropped on the first drive). I've seen him make it all week. That's what's frustrating. He had a really good week of practice. He can make that catch. We put Brandon Bolden on that punt. He's done a great job as a gunner for us. Lionel Breaux has to get that ball for us when he knocks it loose. But you've got to keep recruiting."

On Ole Miss driving into Tennessee territory, but failing to score on its opening possession:

"I think (it could've been a different game). If you notice, when we did execute and put it together, we scored fairly quickly and easily. But if we're 7-0 in Ole Miss' favor, it's a different game. But very few times have we played ahead. We always seem to be climbing out of a hole."

On what Tennessee did defensively to frustrate Ole Miss offensively:

"Just turnovers; throwing interceptions. I was pretty proud of the running game, but if we could have ever gotten to where it was a 7-7, 14-7 game, you would have seen a different running game. But you look up and it's 38-14. You have to move a little bit quicker, and that's really not our nature."

On what he was thinking on the tipped 80-yard Tennessee touchdown for the game's first score:

"Oh my goodness. We're in pretty good position; get a hand on the ball. That guy continues on his route, catches it full stride. Full stride and goes 80. You couldn't do that play again."

On the team's slow starts to games:

"Gonna work hard at trying to do something. Switch it up. Get that first five minutes right."

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