BATON ROUGE, La. - The Rebel coordinators did not want to hear talk of a moral victory in the 43-36 loss to LSU in Death Valley Saturday night. Read their thoughts inside.

There were a lot of emotions by the Ole Miss coordinators after the edge-of-the-seat 43-36 loss to LSU Saturday night in Death Valley.




And pride, but there were no moral victory feelings floating around.

"We're hurt, and upset, we should have found a way to win that game, but I'm also proud of the way we competed," said Co-Offensive Coordinator Mike Markuson. "We don't care for moral victories. We are not losers, despite what our record is, but I was happy with the way we competed and played with pride.

"I'd like to have some of these games over, but we can't. We did some things you just can't do in a game like this - some of those penalties late killed us, field position became a factor. We just gave them too many short fields and too many opportunities in a close game. It finally caught up to us."

The Rebel attack that ran up 430 yards and 36 points against a defense that was leading the SEC in both categories at 276 yards a game and 14 points an outing was straight forward.

Jeremiah Masoli

"We went right at them. We had some good runs, we had some creases, we were patient. It was important for us to attack and make it a physical game," said Mike. "They have too much speed to attack the edges all the time, but if you pick your spots, that can work as well, and it did at times.

"I thought Coach (Houston) Nutt called a marvelous game. We had them off-balance all night and it really felt like the last team that had the ball was going to win. We hit the gaps well and we were patient with our attack. I think our guys feel if they had a little more time, we would have won, and that's how I want them to feel."

Markuson said something that will be lost in the recap of the game will be LSU's last possession.

"It wasn't that they scored, it was how they ate the clock on the way to the winning score. If we had had a couple of more minutes, I think we could have scored, I really do, but they were masterful in making sure we had very little time with our last possession. Give them credit," he noted.

So what's next? How do the Rebs overcome yet another disappointing loss?

"We are going to show them what they can do if they execute and we will stay positive with them. We have a big rivalry game, an important game, coming up," he closed. "We have a bright future in front of us and we can start next year off right with a win next Saturday.

Jonathan Cornell

"Our fans deserve it, our players deserve it and we will pull out all stops to get it done. We will correct what we did wrong, praise what we did well and move forward."

DC Tyrone Nix had some answers for LSU's balanced attack, but not enough and not consistently enough.

"They can run and throw and we could never get honed in on them consistently," Nix explained. "We did a lot of good things, but we didn't do enough. We were a play or two, a big play or two, away and we didn't play as consistently as I would have hoped.

"We had a good stand, we had some stops, we had an interception, we played physical, inspired ball, we had a couple of sacks. We held them to 3-10 on third downs. But we were still a play or two shy of a winning performance against a very, very good football team."

Nix, like Markuson, was proud of the heart the Rebels showed.

"I thought we played well enough to win, except for a couple of plays, but we didn't get it done. I was very pleased with our effort and intensity, but not entirely with the results from a consistency standpoint," he added.

On LSU's last drive, which started on a short field, the Tigers looked to be content with running the ball and getting in field goal position, but ended up scoring a TD.

"They ran right at us and we could not get them on the ground or put them in any kind of stress situation with a long down-and-distance. They milked the clock and did a good job and we didn't answer," Nix stated. "We were not fatigued, we just were not as effective as we needed to be, obviously."

Nix refused to poormouth about the results.

"Short fields are part of the game. As I said, we had to make one or two more plays, regardless of the situation, and be more consistent overall to come out on top," said Tyrone.

Nix is already focused on the next game.

"We have to show maturity and put this one behind us. If these kids have the Ole Miss pride I think they do, they will bounce back," he stated. "This will be a big challenge to the coaches and players, but this is what it's all about.

"I expect us to come out fighting - period."

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