Nutt: 'That's how you compete'

BATON ROUGE, La. - Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt met the media shortly following his team's disappointing 43-36 loss to No. 5 LSU. Read about it inside.

On the game:

"Very hard fought ballgame. Our guys just played their hearts out. It's just like this season's been, just to come up too short. I didn't see the (penalty) that (Jerrell) Powe had, and I barely saw the one that Markeith (Summers) had. Two things I didn't like. You know it just seems like (the unsportsmanlike penalty) is not called consistently. It just seems like that one's not called consistently. People jumping in the end zone and jumping around, and you just wish they would leave that out of the game. We got to be smarter and that's the bottom line."

On the team's success on offense against a usually difficult LSU defense:

"Well, we did something nobody has tried to do – we wanted to come at ‘em and put it in our offensive line's lap, be very patient. I thought we did that most of the game. I was just really proud of our offensive line. We're talking about some baby's out there playing tonight. Jared Duke, he's a freshman, a couple of sophomores out there. I was just really proud of ‘em; proud of the way they played. Bradley Sowell. There's a lot of hurt guys over there right now. I just love the way they competed tonight. That's how you compete."

On third-down conversions:

"We did. Lot of good execution, lot of good catches, lot of good runs. Mostly runs, but that was our intent. We tried to slow the game down a little bit. We knew they could out-mis-match our corners a little bit with their height and speed and athleticism. There's a reason why they're No. 5 in the country. Very few people have moved the ball on them. I think this has been, by far, one of the best jobs of executing against them."

Markeith Summers

On senior quarterback Jeremiah Masoli:

"He competed like a warrior. Wish he wouldn't have had that first tipped ball. But, boy, he competed, man. He really competed. He felt really bad about last week (against Tennessee), and that's what I love about Jeremiah. He doesn't want to hurt anybody, and he tries to work, and he wanted to make up for the Tennessee week. He did."

On sophomore wide receiver Ja-Mes Logan:

"Ja-Mes, same thing. Had a lot of hurt guys (in the locker room afterwards). That's youth. He's a baby, and he's got to grow up. Tonight, he made some valuable catches for us. Very critical."

On the LSU offense:

"You know, you bring pressure, you're on islands. You're giving up three or four inches, and they're just very, very good. I'll take this night. This is a night when you like the way they played. You like the way they competed. They laid their heart out there, and that's the thing I'll go to sleep with tonight. I don't like losing. I really felt like we won that game. When we scored that last one, I thought we had won."

On how the team can bounce back next week against Mississippi State:

"Well, this is the one (Mississippi State) I've been waiting on for a while. It's gonna take 24 hours (to get over tonight's loss). We used a lot of energy right here tonight, lot of emotion. It's just an in-state rival. You share a state with somebody."

On the penalty on Markeith Summers:

"I didn't see it all. I've seen that call go either way. I don't like that call, and I don't like what (Summers) did. I'm sure he could have just got in the end zone, but it's a critical time. Be consistent with that call."

On how the penalty changed the strategy on the ensuing kickoff:

"Well, it messed us up. We're trying to squib, trying to do sky kicks and different things, and then you hit it out of bounds. Short field, you know?"

On the defense:

"I thought they played extremely hard tonight. They didn't give up the big 80-yard plays. They didn't give up long home runs. I was proud of that."

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