Brewer joins Rebel staff

Gunter Brewer will join the Rebel football staff as Associate Head Coach/Passing Game Coordinator/Wide Receivers Coach. Brewer is on his way to Oxford and hopes to be on the job by late tomorrow. Read about it inside.

Gunter Brewer, who has spent the last six seasons at Oklahoma State as the wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator, has accepted a spot on the Ole Miss football staff as the Associate Head Coach/Passing Game Coordinator/Wide Receivers Coach of the Rebels.

"It feels like I am coming home. I am coming home," said Brewer, son of former Rebel head coach Billy Brewer. "I have had to pinch myself to make sure it's real. I am very excited.

"I want to thank everyone for allowing me this opportunity. Houston Nutt, the AD, the Chancellor - they have all been wonderful. I am really looking forward to the journey."

Gunter says he will be returning to a "different" Ole Miss.

"Oxford has changed for the better and so has Ole Miss in respect to facilities. I have always tried to stay in touch with Coach Nutt to let him know if anything ever opened up, I would be interested," said Brewer. "His ties with former OSU Coach Pat Jones and Houston having coached with Pat and at OSU, there was a connection.

"We have some natural ties to each other and things happened for a reason. We reached out to each other and it has worked out."

Gunter and the Brewers lost the matriarch of their family, Kay, who passed away recently.

Gunter Brewer

"God opens certain doors at certain times in people's lives to walk through. That's what I think He's allowed at this time for me and my family," said Gunter. "With Miss Kay passing, it was an opportunity for my family to be reunited with Dad in Oxford and my wife's family being in Horn Lake. My son (Keaton) is a rising senior at Ole Miss. It may take him six more years to graduate, but he's there now.

"It's a natural for me and I am thankful for it. Dad already has my room ready, but I told him there's no way in hades I am living with him the rest of my life. (laughs) I have paid my dues with him, but he's awfully fired up and has been digging up memorabilia and clothes and everything else. We're all excited and thrilled to be coming back, particularly right now with our family in mourning. It's a blessing for all of us."

Brewer, who was also co-offensive coordinator for the Cowboys in 2008 and 2009, has a reputation of turning out top-notch wideouts.

Dez Bryant, Randy Moss and Justin Blackmon come to mind quickly.

"I have been very fortunate to have been able to coach some outstanding players," said Brewer. "I look forward to mentoring some great wideouts at Ole Miss."

Brewer will be teamed up with new OC David Lee, someone he is familiar with and is looking forward to working with.

"I am looking forward to working with a great staff, in particular Coach Nutt and David Lee and all his offensive expertise," Brewer continued. "I am looking forward to gaining from their knowledge and also bringing some things from Oklahoma State to Ole Miss that have worked well for us there.

"I knew David from a long time ago when he was on Coach (Steve) Sloan's staff at Ole Miss and have kept up with him. His expertise with quarterbacks and all his offensive prowess - from the option game to the pro game to the passing game - is tremendous. Speaking with Chad Pennington, who I worked with at Marshall, and doing a lot of research, I found he has great relationships with his players as a leader. His knowledge with things like the Wild Rebel were very innovative and I'm looking forward to us incorporating some no-huddle, fast-paced things we've been doing at OSU as well. It's very exciting."

Gunter's plan is to bring some of the knowledge he has gained in the passing game to Ole Miss.

"We will mesh all our ideas as a staff and it will be a lot of fun. One of the things we have been able to do at OSU is to play with a lot of tempo and speed. That has enabled us to move the ball downfield vertically and keep people on their heels somewhat," he explained. "You see more and more people in a two-minute offense the whole game and that's what we morphed into at OSU this year.

"A lot of people build things off a vertical passing game to stretch the field. Obviously, you have to have the personnel to do that with, which is where recruiting comes in. Huge plays come by pushing the ball down the field. Some dink and donk underneath to open things up, some open it up downfield right off the bat. Personally, I like to open up the larger areas down the field in the 18-22 yard range, if possible. I know David will want to push the ball down the field if our personnel allows us to."

Gunter will load up his car, his wife (Rhonda), his dog and his u-haul and will head this way today.

"The Clampetts are coming to town," he laughed. "You better be ready. If I can get on the road today, I will. I hope to be a part of the staff as early as tomorrow afternoon.

"I am ready to hit the road recruiting and doing whatever Coach Nutt needs me to do to wrap up recruiting."

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