Perpetual Motion

Dexter McCluster's pace is dizzying. He's not only jackrabbit quick on the field, his life buzzes constantly off the field as well. Read about it inside.

Perpetual motion.

That's about the only way to describe former Rebel, now Kansas City Chief, Dexter McCluster.

Even sitting down to eat sushi with Dexter is a journey.

"It's like this every day," he smiled, "but I love it. I like interaction with people."

He gets plenty of that.

Dexter rolled up to Kabuki restaurant in Oxford after taking in Pro Day at Ole Miss and immediately drew attention. Everyone, it seems, not only recognizes, but knows, McCluster.

McCluster finished up his rookie season with the Chiefs in January
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He just has that kind of personality - approachable and open.

After ordering the steak and shrimp hibachi and a shrimp tempura roll, his touch screen phone started going off like a minefield inhabited with gophers.

Bam - his new Nissan commercial has just come out.

Bam - his workout partner wants to know when he'll arrive in Florida to start grinding for the upcoming season, if there isn't a strike.

Bam - Oprah wants him to be a part of a show entitled "NFL Makeovers."

Bam - yes, he's still writing hip-hop beats and rhymes and he's ready to unleash some new tunes he's composed.

Bam - "I have a paper due tomorrow. I only have two more classes to get my degree."

"It's like that all the time," said Dex. "Like I said, I love it. I crave the action. I love meeting people and trying new things."

Life is like a carnival for Dexter right now and he's enjoying every ride and all the candied apples he can devour. But he realizes this is all available to him because of his skills on the football field.

Entering his second year in the NFL, Dexter is ready to take his game up a notch.

"We've got a good young team at Kansas City. We're all a year older and wiser now," Dexter continued. "We are going to make a mark and there's no better time than now.

After a stellar Ole Miss career, McCluster draws attention anywhere he goes
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"The nucleus of the team works hard and sets an example. We have some great young players and guys who are driven to win."

McCluster electrified the nation with a long punt return early in his rookie year, but injury slowed him down some. He missed five games his rookie campaign.

He's ready to prove he can stand up to the extra pounding of the NFL.

"It's nothing I can't handle, but the hitting is the biggest difference between college and pro football," Dex noted. "The players are faster and because of that, they get more clean, solid hits on you.

"But you know me, I'll adjust. The good thing is that I found out I belong in the NFL. I just needed to get a little stronger and learn the speed of the game. I am benching 225 21 times now and that's pretty good for someone around 175-180 pounds."

McCluster left Kabuki and went straight to the gym next door, just to see the setup.

Immediately, he was swamped by workout junkies.

He hugged them all.

Thus, the life of Dexter McCluster.

Perpetual motion.

P.S. - Part of the Oprah makeover was to cut off his dreds, his trademark. He turned down Oprah. "That's not going to happen. They can braid them, they can color them, but they are not cutting them off," he said. "I might for the right money, but I've been growing my hair for six years and cutting it won't be cheap."

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