Lee's First Look

Granted, Offensive Coordinator David Lee has only seen one practice, but he liked some things he saw in the first day of spring training. Read about it inside.

It's difficult to get a good gauge from the first practice of spring training with everyone running around in shorts, but new Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach David Lee didn't mind sharing his first impressions.

"The best thing that happened was there were no balls on the ground," said Lee. "There were no bad exchanges with the center and quarterback, no fumbles, no bad handoffs, no fumbles after catches. That's a positive sign.

"I also thought the quarterbacks knew where the play was going even though we have thrown an awful lot at them. They had left and right down pat."

Junior quarterback Zack Stoudt
Bruce Newman
Junior QB Randall Mackey got the early praise.

"I didn't think we threw the ball very well with the exception of Randall Mackey. I thought he threw it well," Lee continued. "I thought he was the most impressive of the quarterbacks today."

More on Mackey. . .

"He hits people. He's accurate and it's a real catchable ball," Lee added. "He's no Chad Henne, but Chad throws a catchable ball and the more I watch Randall, the more I see that. Accuracy is the number one thing I am looking for.

"Randall also handled the huddle well and called the signals at the line of scrimmage. I have been told some things about his communication skills, but he did fine today."

The other QBs - Nathan Stanley, Barry Brunetti and Zack Stoudt - struggled a little, Lee explained.

"They struggled with their reads and where they were going with the ball, which was a little frustrating to me as their coach," he said. "We just saw two coverages and the middle was closed, but we kept trying to throw down the middle. They also struggled with their accuracy some when they did make the right reads. We have to give the wideouts a chance to catch the ball and those guys were really not very accurate today. We still have a long way to go, but that's how I saw it on day one.

"One thing, though, in their favor is they all have enough arm strength. They have plenty of zip to throw all the passes."

Offensive coordinator David Lee
Bruce Newman
Lee was also impressed with senior Tailback Brandon Bolden.

"The guy who stood out the most was Bolden. He just practices at another level, another speed. If we can get all our guys to follow his lead, we will get better as a team offensively," noted David.

Lee's offense appears to incorporate more vertical routes than in previous years.

"I can't really comment on the past, but I can only coach what I know and the passing game starts with the vertical game," he said. "I like vertical routes. They open up a lot of avenues."

More from Lee as the days tick by. . . .

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