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New Wide Receiver Coach Gunter Brewer hasn't drawn many concrete conclusions through the first two days of spring training, but he didn't expect to. Read about it inside.

New coach.

New passing game scheme.

Some "new" players.

When you roll all of that together, it's little wonder Ole Miss Wide Receiver Coach Gunter Brewer said some of the things he did after the second spring training practice Tuesday.

"I like their work habits, but we are in the stage of trying to figure a lot of things out right now," said Brewer, who came to Ole Miss from Oklahoma State in January. "When you are not completely sure of what you are doing, you play hesitantly.

"When the guys have known what they are doing, they have performed well in spots, but we are throwing the whole offense at them in three or four days, so you can imagine how different it is for them. We're giving them routes, rules, everything new. When they learn everything, I think we will be OK, but that will take time."

Gunter answered the chemistry between quarterbacks and receivers question quickly and in one word.

"None," he said. "We have four or five quarterbacks going and eight or nine receivers going. We are just trying to find guys who will show up and continually make plays no matter which QB is in there.

"They have all shown some good signs here and there, but it's been sporadic, which was expected. Consistency will come with time. We are looking for leaders, which will come with direction and leadership from us as coaches."

Any standouts so far?

"Our most experienced guys are Ja-Mes Logan and Melvin Harris and you expect them to be further along. They have both made some plays so far. Ja-Mes has been the most consistent to this point and you can tell he has the most game experience and knows what it takes to be a quality receiver," Brewer noted. "Melvin has made a couple of big catches so far.

"Other than them, everyone is green as a gourd. There's really nobody else - yet - who is to the point where you can say 'that guy can go play for us now.' We'll get there though with some of them."

Redshirt freshman Vincent Sanders has gained a lot of attention by Rebel watchers because he was highly-touted out of high school.

"I love his upside. Vincent is very coachable, first of all. He's got a lot of raw talent and he's got speed," noted Gunter. "That's a good combination to start with. He hasn't gotten many reps due to being on the scout team last year, but I like him."

JUCO transfer Philander Moore, who is thought to be primarily a return specialist, has also shown some positive signs at wideout.

"Anytime a JUCO kid comes in, there is a transition period, but we are fortunate to have him here in spring to kind of get him acclimated," Brewer noted. "From the early signs, he's got potential. We just have to get him more reps and teach him what to do."

Brewer, like all the coaches, is anxious to see his troops in pads.

"Everyone is an All-American in shorts," he said. "It's a man's game though and we'll find out who the men are."

Obviously, more from Brewer as spring rolls along. . .

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