Lee Talks Scrimmage

Ole Miss Offensive Coordinator David Lee knew what to expect. After installing "70-75%" of the offense in the first four days of practice, he knew the scrimmage might be rough around the edges for the offense. It was, but it was better than he thought it would be. Read about it inside.

Before Rebel Offensive Coordinator David Lee evaluated the first scrimmage of spring training held in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium Saturday, he wanted to lay out the whole scenario.

"I cannot tell you how much is in their heads right now," said Lee. "Considering everything we have thrown at them the last four days, the scrimmage wasn't bad, not as bad as it could have been. We have loaded them down with info.

"I am very proud of what they have retained. Our execution was not what we want it to be, but that will come as things become more natural to them. It's hard to learn and execute at the same time on offense, but they did a pretty good job today considering."

Without having the benefit of watching the tape of the scrimmage, Lee pointed to Randall Mackey and Barry Brunetti as having the best days of the quarterbacks.

"That's my initial reaction right now, without having seen the tape," said David. "Randall is the most accurate guy we have to this point. If he gets a chance to set his feet, he hits what he is aiming at. He is also oblivious to the rush, absolutely oblivious. He sees nothing but where he wants to throw the ball to give the receiver the chance to catch it. That's why he's the most accurate and why we move the football when he is in there.

"Plus, Randall has that added dimension of moving. He can move, he's elusive and he extends plays. All of those things are important. Look at the Super Bowl – Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger extend plays. That's why they are so good. And Randall's communication is better every day – I am really proud of him right now. We are installing a lot of plays – a gameplan will not be this extensive, this is the most difficult time mentally, and he's handling it all. All the quarterbacks will progress and get better, but right now, Randall is doing the best. We tried to force the ball at times today, but that's my fault. I have to do a better job of educating them on where we are on the field and where they need to go with the ball. We'll work that out."

The Rebs have installed "70-75%" of the offense at this point, but the coaches have not introduced the two-minute package, the "speed" series (up tempo) and goalline yet, but that's just around the corner.

As the OC, Lee is looking beyond the quarterbacks and into the other phases of the offense.

"The thing our offensive line does best right now is run block. We are big and strong and we come off the ball and finish blocks. We are pretty effective running the ball. We need improvement in pass protection," said Lee. "At tight end, we catch the ball, which is a good sign. At wide receivers, we have to do better catching the ball. We looked today like some film I watched of last year.

"When I looked at the tapes from last year, we dropped a lot of balls that had they been caught it could have made a difference in two or three wins. I saw some of that today. We have to get beyond that and start making those catches."

Lee likes what he has seen from Brandon Bolden and the tailback group for the most part, but he wants to see less hesitation in short-yardage situations.

"We have to do a better job of sticking it up in there when we need a yard. We seem to decelerate our feet sometimes when we need to be accelerating them, but those are things we can work on and correct," he stated.

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