Run, Rebs, Run

In Saturday's scrimmage, Offensive Coordinator David Lee was encouraged by the way the Rebels ran the football, but the passing game needs to keep progressing. Read about it inside.

Run, Rebs, run.

"That was the best we have run the football all spring," said Ole Miss Offensive Coordinator David Lee after Saturday's scrimmage. "I thought we blocked well, I thought we finished blocks and gave our backs a chance. Enrique Davis and Devin Thomas were very good. H.R. Greer is a very productive blocker – I can't say enough about him, especially in short yardage.

"It was a very physical scrimmage. They were hitting us (the offense) and we were hitting them (the defense). It looked like SEC football to me.

Lee was not as stoked about the passing game.

"We are still lagging behind in the passing game. The system is in place, but we have to rep it and rep it some more," Lee continued. "From the protections, to route depth, to accuracy, to proper reads by the QBs, to the receivers finishing all the plays – it all has to be repped over and over and over. We made some poor decisions in our reads today that we haven't been making this spring until this scrimmage.

"The negative on the day were the four turnovers. We threw three interceptions and had a fumble on a read option when Randall (Mackey) ran through the mesh – he tried to run before he pulled the ball out and it resulted in a fumble."

While Lee is maintaining that no quarterback has "taken over," he talked extensively about Mackey's ability with the deep ball.

"On the go route, he has a great feel and touch. In every practice, he's giving our guys the chance to catch the deep ball like nobody I can remember, and I have been around some great quarterbacks in the last few years and in my career," Lee said. "He has an exceptional gift with the long ball."

Lee assessed the QBs briefly.

"They are all different in terms of where they are. They are all in different spots. One is a pure passer - Zack Stoudt – who has it read-wise but is struggling with his decisions at times. Randall is struggling with where to go with the ball at times, but when things break down, that's when he is the most dangerous," Lee added. "Barry (Brunetti) got better in the scrimmage. He's a good, strong, tough runner who made a couple of really nice passes. Accuracy is holding him back.

"Nobody has jumped up and said ‘I'm the guy' yet. They are all doing some things well and struggling with other things."

Lee, however, understands – and halfway expected – what he is getting.

"A lot of the problem with our consistency is how much we have thrown at them and asked them to learn in a short period of time," he explained. "Today, we went four wide, five wide, empty – we are doing it all, and that's why it's inconsistent.

"It's probably going to be that until the middle of two-a-days. This summer, I will sit down and we'll get a plan for each of them. Until it all comes together though, we don't know who the starter is."

Lee said he was not against playing two quarterbacks.

"If we have two who are effective, we will play them. We are going to keep our minds open and just keep repping them through spring and see how it all shakes out," he closed.

In the meantime, the Rebel offense is hanging its hat on the run game. Based on Saturday's scrimmage, it's a good place to start.

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