Mike Bianco met the media that covers his program regularly right after the NCAA Selection Show Monday. His team had not been among those selected.

Not since 2002 had one of his Ole Miss baseball teams not been chosen or played its way in by winning a championship, and only the second time in his 11 years in Oxford.

The Rebels had a chance to get in late in the season, even on the final day with two seven-inning games at Arkansas. If they'd won one of those, they'd have made the SEC Tournament and in all probability made the NCAA field. That would have been another accomplishment for the program.

But Bianco's program hasn't been built to just make it in. His program has been built to host NCAA Regionals and Super Regionals, and at least have an excellent shot to get to the College World Series in Omaha.

The best route for that is to host a Regional. Ole Miss has now done that only once (2009) the past four seasons after hosting four straight seasons from 2004-07.

Not hosting isn't acceptable to Bianco. Not making the field at all isn't acceptable to Bianco. So he said he's not wasting any time getting things corrected.

"I've already started," he said of evaluating everything. "I don't mean that in a negative way. Throughout the season you write things down and say we didn't do this as well or this is an area we need to improve. From really specific things on the field to very general things. The list isn't huge right now, but certainly there are areas undoubtedly we need to improve on."

The performance on the field wasn't up to standards here for much of the 30-25 overall and 13-17 SEC season, both the worst marks in his 11 years in Oxford.

"We have to pitch better, and if you look at the teams that had success this year in our league, the big three on the other side, they all pitch," Bianco said. ‘We weren't good enough on the mound. We have to do a better job recruiting and a better job coaching in that one specific area. There are a lot of areas, but that's the biggest thing.

Will players, like Matt Crouse among them, be drafted, stay, go?
Bruce Newman
"Along with that is defense. And defensively we fell apart at a bad time in the year. I don't think we're maybe as bad as the defensive numbers were, especially in that three or four week span where it felt like we just kind of fell off the face of the earth defensively. Part of it was the pitching started to decline and we put a lot of pressure on having to make plays. And we weren't capable to handle that pressure defensively. You have to play with confidence."

The new bats were the talk of the fall and preseason. They affected college baseball throughout the country.

"The bats made the pitching and the defense more important," Bianco said. "This is not making excuses. Everybody's had that. It's not woe is us. Pitching becomes more important. You can't give up runs, because it's hard to score."

Now that the Rebels' season is in the books, an important few days are at hand. First, there's the MLB draft that begins a week from today. When referring to current draftable players and those potentially coming into the program, Bianco said of this year's draft, "It's going to be critical."

Bianco also said the future of the program is in the hands, or more specifically the arms, of some of the pitchers coming in.

"We've got about as good (a group) of arms in the (upcoming class) as I can remember – in one class," he said.

Bianco isn't ready to be much more specific on anything. He hasn't met with his players individually yet, both those leaving and those returning. He hasn't met with AD Pete Boone yet. Those meetings are all coming soon.

But when looking back at the past few days as his team sat out Hoover, Bianco admitted he isn't shocked Ole Miss didn't make it into the NCAA Tournament field.

"The answer is no," he said. "Certainly not after what has happened the last two days in particular and really the last three or four days in the tournament. If you don't make it to Hoover, you're always uncomfortable about the situation. But you're hopeful."

Hope wasn't enough this time around. It likely won't be next time either.

That's why Bianco has "already started" evaluating everything.

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