Decisions, Decisions

Senquez Golson was talking to Tampa Bay when Boston called. The Red Sox had drafted him in the eighth round of the MLB draft Tuesday.

He was outside in the yard in Pascagoula. A friend came out and disrupted the conversation. But that was OK. It was an important moment.

"You've been drafted by the Red Sox," the Ole Miss football signee said the friend exclaimed.

And his world changed in an instant. Not that he didn't know that. He did. But it was a bigger change than he expected.

When you are drafted by either the Red Sox or Yankees, the picture becomes bigger if not clearer. Golson, a speedy center fielder in baseball and a fleet-footed cornerback in football, now has some more thinking to do.

Senquez Golson
Yancy Porter
"I'm just waiting to see. I really haven't talked to (the Red Sox), until later on tonight," he said.

And then there will be some negotiations. The Red Sox have never shied away from paying over-slot money. In 2011, Boston handed $415,000 to its eighth round pick, pitcher Mathew Price of Virginia Tech.

Golson would like to have something finalized in a few days. It might take longer. He has until Aug. 15 to decide on college or pro baseball.

Golson knew he would be drafted, and he said somewhere in the five to ten round range was about right. He knows why.

"I expected that. I'm a two-sport guy," he said. "You've got full time baseball players out there that you know for sure they're going to sign. Because that's what they do. That's alright."

Golson, who last visited with the Red Sox a week ago, said he's still an Ole Miss Rebel and plans to play both football and baseball in college.

At least for now.

"As of right now, I'm still going to Ole Miss," he said.

With negotiations about to get underway, that could obviously change. A call from the Red Sox potentially changed a lot of things quite a bit earlier today.

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