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Chris Ellis had a long wait before he got drafted. As a matter of fact, time almost ran out.

Or at least draft picks. The 6-foot-5, 190-pound right-handed pitcher from Spain Park High School in Hoover, Ala., was the 1,514th pick in the 1,530-man MLB draft completed on Wednesday, going in the 50th and final round to the Dodgers.

He was the last of ten Rebel signees to hear his name called, a number that includes Ole Miss football signee Senquez Golson. Ellis took it all in stride and looks forward to whatever is ahead for him in baseball. He admitted he went later in the draft than he thought.

"It was kind of strange," he said. "I thought me, Hawtin (Buchanan, 19th round), and Josh (Laxer, 20th round) would all be up there. It was kind of surprising."

Ellis, a lifelong Ole Miss fan since both his parents are alumni, is likely to be in Oxford in the next few weeks.

"I don't really know what I'm going to do," he said. "I am planning on going to summer school to jump-start things. I may play a little bit over the summer. I'm not really sure all my plans right now. But as of right now they are to go to school."

The Dodgers are a big market club, but they've had recent financial problems and ownership struggles. Ellis isn't sure the effect that might have on what they could offer. And he actually hasn't talked to Los Angeles officials all that much.

"I'd talked to the Dodgers a little bit, but not as much as the Royals and the Twins and the Pirates," he said. "But it ended up being the Dodgers, and I'm fine with that. It kind of shocked me that they picked me."

Ellis said he remains open-minded about the situation.

"I'm not going to close any doors. I don't really know what's going to work out best for me right now. But I'm just going to listen and wait and see what happens. Unless it's big money, then I'm going to go to college."

Ellis admits incoming pitchers like he and Buchanan and Laxer envision big things for the program as they arrive together – if they don't go pro, that is.

"We talk about it all the time," he said. "We talk about going to Omaha. That's really what we want to do. That's kind of our inspiration."

Here is the list of Ole Miss players who were drafted:

Current Players:

Junior RHP David Goforth, 7th round, Brewers

Junior LHP Austin Wright, 8th round, Phillies

Senior Catcher Miles Hamblin, 12th round, Astros

Junior LHP Matt Crouse, 24th round, Tigers

Senior LHP Matt Tracy, 24th round, Yankees

Junior 1B Matt Snyder, 44th round, Nationals

Rebel Signees:

HS OF Michael Reed, 5th round, Brewers

HS SS Jake Overbey, 10th round, Phillies

HS RHP Hawtin Buchanan, 19th round, Nationals

HS OF Sikes Orvis, 19th round, Red Sox

HS RHP Josh Laxer, 20th round, Nationals

JUCO C Ryan Hornback, 27th round, Pirates

JUCO LHP Dylan Chavez, 32nd round, Twins

HS OF Will Jamison, 45th round, Indians

HS RHP Chris Ellis, 50th round, Dodgers

Rebel Football Signee Drafted:

HS OF Senquez Golson, 8th round, Red Sox

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