Big Man

When junior Right Tackle Terrell Brown came to Ole Miss a year ago, he was just big. Real big.

But in the grand scheme of things, and with respect to Brown, his size was his only claim to fame.

In a nutshell, his massive size did not translate into him being a quality football player.

He was top-heavy, he lacked fundamentals and his knowledge of the offense was next to zero, but his sheer mass was intriguing, to say the least.

It's not often you see humans walking the street who are 6-11, 428 pounds.

A lot can happen in a year, and has with Brown.

"I'm a different person and player," said Brown, who has an extremely pleasant personality. "I'm lighter, I can move better, I'm more flexible and I have a grasp of the fundamentals of being an offensive lineman on this level."

Brown has shed over 50 pounds and is now in the 375 range, and at his height, he looks more athletic and looks the part of a college football player.

Terrell Brown
Ty Allushuski
"Since I dropped all that weight, and added some strength and flexibility, I don't even feel like I'm carrying any extra weight anymore," he continued. "I feel like if I lose about 15 more pounds and get to 360, I will be ready to contribute.

"On days when we run, I will eat a little more, but on weekends, I mostly drink liquids. I am determined to lose that last 15 or so pounds. Some people doubted I could do it, but I go the right mindset of proving to everyone I could do it and get my body right."

Brown made a substantial jump in learning the Rebel offense in spring, enough that OL Coach Mike Markuson elevated him to number two RT behind returning starter Bobby Massie.

"It took me a while to learn all my assignments, but when Coach Markuson broke everything down for me and I started to get it, I started moving people (defenders) like I am supposed to," he said.

Along with needed weight loss, Brown, once considered a "project," and now considered a player with a chance to help the team, Brown has gotten a lot stronger – and he was already naturally strong.

"I'm benching about 480 pounds now, which is a tremendous gain," he said. "It's all about techniques of lifting, which I did not have. I am power cleaning about 380. I had never done a squat, so I had to learn from scratch, but I am pushing nearly four (weight) plates now."

Brown has also been a willing student of the game and has received a lot of help from Massie, among others.

"Bobby always pushes me and encourages me. He shows me things to do in pass protection that help me get the job done. A lot of other OL on the team have also helped and I gladly accept all the help I can get," he explained. "In run-blocking, I'm pretty good at that, but I can always improve and they are always helping me with that too."

Last spring, after Markuson realized Brown was getting to be more than just novelty big, the offensive coaches put Brown at tight end in short-yardage situations.

Needless to say, he liked those assignments.

"I was loving that. They just put me in front of a defender and said move him. In that situation, either he's going down or we are both going down together," he said. "Someone's going to hit the ground."

Terrell Brown
Chuck Rounsaville
Brown has distinct goals in mind for the coming months.

"I want to end the summer benching at least 500 pounds, cleaning at least 400 and squatting four plates or more. I also want to get down to 360 pounds in body weight, which I am close to doing," he said. "Beyond that, I will work with the other OL this summer to improve my pass protection."

Brown's transformation also includes a shot of confidence.

"Every time I come off the ball, if you are in front of me, you are going to get everything I've got," Brown closed. "If I feel like I am losing the battle, I am going to take you out with me."

Brown has also seen a change in the team since he has been on campus.

"The past is the past. We are looking to the future. Everyone is coming together and pulling their weight. Nobody is dragging – everyone is moving forward together," he noted. "Coach (Houston) Nutt set the goals and the guidelines of intensity and accountability and we are all trying very hard to reach every goal he put in front of us."

It remains to be seen if mammoth Terrell Brown makes an impact on the 2011 team or not, but if he continues on the fast track and pace he has set in his improvement plan thus far, do not count the big man out.

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