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Michael Reed had hoped to be drafted in the top three rounds in June. He was drafted in the fifth round by the Milwaukee Brewers.

The all-star outfielder from Leander, Texas, son of former Ole Miss football player Benton Reed, had also hoped to have the situation resolved by now. But it hasn't been.

What hasn't changed is the desire of the 6-foot, 200-pound outfielder to play professional baseball. He still believes that will happen sooner rather than later, but he hasn't ruled Ole Miss out completely.

Things are still up in the air, but are they really?

"Right now I'm going to Ole Miss," said Reed, who has until Aug. 15 to either sign a pro contract or attend college. "It just depends on if they (Brewers) give it (what he is asking monetarily) to me or not. It's kind of 50-50 right now. I think they will."

Reed hasn't publicly stated an amount he wants. He does look forward to a resolution of the situation.

"It's been kind of dragging out a little bit. That's kind of made me mad. But I'm just ready to go play right now," said the highest drafted incoming Rebel in a class that featured nine signees that were drafted – ten if you count football signee Senquez Golson.

Michael's father, Benton, played football for the Rebels
"(The Brewers) called and asked me what my bottom (figure) is. It was much more than what the normal fifth-round slot would get. It was like second-round money. They drafted me, pretty much meaning that they're willing to give me that."

There isn't much back and forth between Reed and the Brewers at this point. It's a waiting game now, and Reed actually understands why.

"Since it is so out of slot, I have to wait for Major League Baseball to approve my contract. And that takes the whole summer. We've talked a little bit, but not really negotiating. They know my bottom, and they're willing to give it to me. When they drafted me, they were pretty much saying they would. I gave them my bottom, and then they drafted me."

Reed is playing summer baseball in the Austin, Texas, area where he lives. He's enjoying it, since it is baseball after all. But it isn't actually what he had hoped to be doing by mid-July.

"I'm making sure I'm getting my at-bats in," he said. "Just every day right now it's all baseball. I've been working pretty hard."

But Reed remains a bit impatient with it all. He's ready to get on with his baseball career, admittedly hoping it is at the professional level but also knowing Ole Miss is a quality opportunity should the pros not happen for him at this time.

"I want to go play right now, but I know I can't. I'm seeing a bunch of guys (drafted) around me signing and getting to go play. Guys that were drafted higher than me and got what they wanted. If I had gone in the top three rounds, I'd be playing right now."

But such are the unknowns of the baseball draft for so many players every summer. Reed has looked over the Brewers' personnel some, and he has talked to the Ole Miss coaches a handful of times since early June's draft.

"A little bit, but not much though," he said of checking on the players throughout the Milwaukee organization. "I've just been in the gym working and haven't had much time to do that. I have talked to Coach (Carl) Lafferty a couple of times. He's just seeing how I'm doing and kind of getting a rundown on what's going on."

What's going on is basically a waiting game for Michael Reed. But that will be resolved a month from today - or before. He trusts the Brewers will come through as they've told him they will.

"They've said that they're willing to do it," Reed said, "so we'll see."

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