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With nearly two years of starts and a more focused offseason under his belt, Ole Miss Right Tackle Bobby Massie expects to have a banner year in 2011.

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Ole Miss junior Right Tackle Bobby Massie - despite being a starter since the sixth game his true freshman year - knew he needed to makes some improvements in his game to be where he wants to be in 2011.

"A lot of people don't realize I played at 300 pounds last year," said Massie, listed on this year's roster at 6-6, 325 pounds. "It was obvious to me what I had to do in the offseason.

"I had to get bigger, stronger, faster and more flexible."

Massie, like so many returning Rebels did after suffering through a dismal season, dedicated and committed himself to taking care of those issues.

"First of all, I knew I had to loosen up my hips," he continued. "I was too stiff in the hips and when you are stiff in the hips, you can't get out of your stance quickly enough. Every tenth of a second getting out of your stance makes a difference, in pass sets and in run blocking.

"Coach (Don) Decker stretched me out every day before I lifted and I did a concentrated battery of squats to help my flexibility. I'm more flexible now and that has helped my speed."

Bobby Massie
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Bobby also worked hard with the weights and did a better job of controlling his diet, thus controlling his weight and getting stronger.

"We all worked harder in the offseason and it paid off," Massie noted. "My strength numbers improved a lot and I kept my body weight where I want it.

"When I first came here from Hargrave (Military School), I weighed more than I do now, but I needed to get some body fat off and add muscle back," he said. "I feel I'm pretty solid now that I have built myself back up and I can tell a difference in my play."

This year, Bobby will be flanked by Right Guard Matt Hall, who is listed at 6-9, 340, but insiders say he is actually closer to 6-10, 355.

"It's different to be smaller than my right guard," Bobby laughed, "but I like it. Matt just moved to RG in spring, but he's learning and we are starting to think alike.

"It takes some time to gain the kind of chemistry we want to have between the two of us, but we are getting there. I think we are getting better and more in synch every day. Matt's a load for a defensive tackle to handle. I think our right side is going to be pretty good."

Massie is fired up about the whole offensive line, but it's still from a potential standpoint.

"We haven't proven anything yet, but things are stacking up for us, I think, to do some good things," he noted. "(LT) Bradley (Sowell), (C) A.J. (Hawkins) and I have a lot of experience. We know the ropes. Matt hasn't played much, but he's getting it, and Patrick (Junen) and Tank (Washington) have played and know what it takes.

"We also have some impressive backups. Our coaches signed some good freshmen too. Our goal is to put it all together to where our OL is a machine and we have one mind. I think we will get there, but we have to go out there and get it done."

Massie will be eligible for the pro draft after this year, but he says that's not on his mind right now.

"That's way off. We want to be a good team. We want to be a good offensive line. I want to be the best I can be," he closed. "That's all that's on my mind."

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