Ole Miss Offensive Coordinator David Lee has some definite goals for the Rebel offense in August drills, and it all starts with finding out who the quarterback is going to be.

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Rebel Offensive Coordinator David Lee, who also doubles as the quarterbacks coach, was hoping not to be in the position he's in when August rolled around.

That "position" is not being sure who the top quarterback is, but after spring drills, where things were left up in the air, that's where that race stands three days into August drills, and may stand for another week or so.

For Lee, figuring that whole scenario out is goal number one, but there are others, as he explains.

"My biggest concern is two-fold. One is the quarterbacks. I want to get to the point where we know who number one is," said David. "I think Barry (Brunetti) is ahead right now. I felt his presence in the spring game and it was a presence I had not felt all spring.

Lee and junior QB Randall Mackey
Chuck Rounsaville

Lee, who is fresh off a stint with the Miami Dolphins, says it's different in college ball.

"We don't have four preseason games in college to help sort things out, so we have to depend on daily evaluations and the scrimmages we will have," he explained. "We chart everything they do, every throw they make, every snap they take. We will have to make a decision 10 days out, at the latest, and I'm trying to talk Coach (Houston) Nutt into an extra scrimmage, maybe a Wednesday scrimmage next week.

"Based on the spring game, Brunetti is a bit ahead of the other two and the other two (Randall Mackey and Zack Stoudt) are even. Barry's accuracy has improved sine spring. He worked extremely hard this summer and threw 21 sessions of 7-7. He needed to fine-tune his accuracy and he did it with hard work. He made an investment and is mentally in good shape right now. In our first day back, he ran a two-minute drill and calmly took us down the field for a score under pressure. That was indicative of what he did this summer.

"Randall had a good spring overall, but he faded a little the last week. He had a good spring game, but he has not had the start I wish he had this fall camp. I need him to pick up some reads he should be getting and he's got to be quicker analyzing his hots when things break down. When he knows where he's going and what he's doing, he hits what he is throwing at. He is very accurate - he just has to get the mental part right. The bottom line, right now, is that there is not much difference in all three. I really believe we could play with all three of them in this offense. I think they can all play. We just have to get things sorted out."

Lee is not discounting starting out with two quarterbacks, if things have not settled in terms of finding a 1-2-3.

"One way of letting things sort themselves out, when you have two that are really even, is play them both in a game and see who rises to the top," he noted. "We've played two before at Arkansas with Zack Clark and Matt Jones and it really stressed out the opposing defenses to have to prepare for two. We actually ran two different offenses. We want to stress defenses out and give them plenty to think about, as long as we can execute and don't trick ourselves."

David Lee
Chuck Rounsaville

Installing the new offense, with some new personnel, is his other major concern at this juncture.

"We've got a lot of new wideouts and a new tight end and we've got to get them ready in a hurry," he continued. "I'm also keeping my eyes on those new offensive linemen and I think - of the young ones - Aaron Morris has jumped out early and has a chance to be a really special player here.

"We are not flooding these guys with so much that we are paralyzing them and having them think too much, but we have to get in a good portion of the offense."

While the newcomers at wide receiver are green, Lee is already impressed with their early look.

"My hat is off to the coaches who recruited those guys. Nobody in America has a better looking class of wide receivers than we do, and when you throw in (TE) Jamal Mosley with them, it's exciting," David noted. "We have a chance to be good on offense with the addition of those guys and the way our offensive line is shaping up. We have a chance to have a very good running game and we've looked good in the early practices running the ball."

David Lee has a lot on his plate. Certainly, his situation will be easier when the quarterback situation clears up.

In the meantime, he going to keep plugging away.

"We're just chipping away, coaching everyone hard, correcting as we go and getting it right," he closed. "Like I said, we've got a chance. We just have to seize the opportunity."

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