Needing More Time

David Lee said he needs more time to evaluate his quarterbacks after the first scrimmage of preseason camp. Maybe a lot more time.

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"I'd love to be able to tell you who it is," said the Ole Miss offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach of who would be the starter for the Rebels against BYU in three weeks. "But we've got to have another hundred-play scrimmage and for me to get another look for me to tell you anything better than what I'm telling you right now."

The one consistent constant has been inconsistency for Barry Brunetti, Randall Mackey, and Zack Stoudt.

"You guys saw what I've been looking at since I've been here," Lee said. "They all do great. They all do bad. You win a championship with consistent quarterback play, and we don't have that right now. But we've got all three that can play. They can all play.

"We're lucky. We've got three who can play." Lee continued. "Some people ain't got one. We've got three."

Brunetti, the first signal-caller to see the field Saturday, was 2 for 6 for 23 yards with an interception.

Mackey, the next of the three to enter the game, was 3 for 9 for 82 yards.

Stoudt was 2 for 9 for 41 yards and a touchdown, a 26-yarder to Donte Moncrief.

Lee said there were some positives.

"I thought Mackey extended plays well," he said. "I thought he handled the speed really well against the best defense. The blitz was on. He took the speed ball and did a great job managing the football team down the field. That's what was impressive to me.

"I was looking for a burst, but I didn't see that from Brunetti," Lee continued. "Barry didn't play badly, but he's inconsistent. I'm looking for consistency from all of them, and I didn't get it."

Randall Mackey
Bruce Newman

Lee said he's not frustrated with them. He just wants to see improvement.

"I wanted to say ‘Oh good, I found my guy. I can practice him all next week first-team.' But I don't feel like I can do things any different than I just did them. They all kinda had their moments. I just need some consistency."

Mackey said he treated the scrimmage like any other practice.

"Being a live scrimmage, it was the same thing," the junior said. "Just stay focused and play ball. Just execute the offense."

Mackey said he feels like all three are in the mix for the job.

"It could be anywhere from first, second, third," he said of where he might fit in at the present time. "Me, Barry, Zack, we're all pretty good. So we just don't know yet."

Brunetti said he could have done better but was fairly pleased.

"I could have hit a couple of throws," the sophomore said.

Brunetti said he felt good all night, but especially early. There was one long run of 33 yards where he almost broke it.

"From the first snap I felt comfortable," he said. "But that run, I got shoestring tackled. I thought I was gone. I didn't know anybody was behind me."

Brunetti said he likes the fact that the offense showed some versatility while he was in there.

"It kinda opens up some things," he said. "I also like to get the ball to the running backs and in the hands of the playmakers."

Head coach Houston Nutt said he took some positives from the three of them.

"Each one of them does something a little different that's good," he said. "They've got a ways to go. We just need to keep working."

On the receiving end of things, the catches were spread among several. Moncrief had two for 31 yards, including the touchdown catch. Ja-Mes Logan had two for 45 yards.

With one reception each were Terrell Grant (69 yards), Philander Moore (54), Melvin Harris (16), Devin Thomas (0), and Layton Jones (1).

Another quarterback, Robert Ratliff, had two of the completions. Lee was pleased to get to take a look at some players other than the regulars.

"This scrimmage was more to get a look at guys we haven't seen," he said.

And to evaluate the quarterbacks. For that, according to Lee, he'll need more time.

Some final stats:

(Brandon Bolden and Jeff Scott did not participate; coach's decision that they didn't need to play in this one)

Rushing of note:

Enrique Davis - 9 carries for 62 yards, 2 touchdowns

Devin Thomas - 8 for 34 yards

Brunetti - 8 for 16 yards

Mackey - 8 for 0 yards

Three other scores:

Nick Parker - 20 yard touchdown run

Ratliff pass to Jordan Holder for 9 yards and a touchdown; and Ratliff to Terrell Grant for 69 yards and a touchdown

Leading Tacklers:

Damien Jackson - 6 tackles

Wayne Dorsey - 5 with one sack

Cameron Whigham - 4 with one sack

Serderius Bryant, Frank Crawford - 3 tackles each

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