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After an abbreviated, full-speed, get-the-soreness-out practice in shorts and helmets Sunday, and another longer one in shorts and helmets Monday morning, the Rebs strapped on the full gear Monday afternoon and Coach Houston Nutt was very pleased.

After Saturday's scrimmage, and Sunday's correction practice in shorts and helmets, the Ole Miss football team went back to the grind Monday afternoon with a 2 1/2 hour workout in full pads.

"This afternoon was our best workout so far," said Coach Houston Nutt. "We concentrated and focused and tuned in. We put a lot of miles in these kids today and they responded. I am really proud of them."

Nutt liked what he saw out of a couple of individuals and a couple of units.

"Defensively, Aaron Garbutt really showed up today. I liked what he did - he's very physical. Wayne Dorsey and Justin Smith are having excellent camps," he continued. "Bryon Bennett and Carlton Martin are showing up again after a little lapse last week.

Houston Nutt
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"Offensively, Tobias Singleton had an awesome day today. He caught the ball well and seemed like he got a second wind. He made some big plays. The offensive line was as physical as we have been after not being physical enough Saturday in the scrimmage."

Nutt recapped the scrimmage for the media after having watched the film Sunday.

"The offensive line, as I said, wasn't as physical as we needed it to be Saturday," he noted. "We saw where (TE) Jamal Mosley is going to be able to help us and we know Nick Brassell and all those young wideouts like Donte Moncrief and Singleton are special guys. They don't know everything yet, but they will get it.

"On defense, we were physical. We were as physical as any first scrimmage we have had here. Were we perfect? No, but we flew around and hit people. That's what we wanted to see. We also played the ball better when it was in the air. For a first scrimmage, not bad at all."

Nutt was asked about the progress of the cornerbacks and what he knows about Senquez Golson, negotiating with Boston in Boston today on a proposed baseball contract.

"Marcus Temple has been outstanding. Wesley Pendleton and Charles Sawyer have done a real good job. They are blossoming under Coach Keith Burns," said Nutt. "I don't know anything on Senquez yet (at 7 p.m.) but I have heard he has not signed yet. I will be watching the clock until midnight.

"If Senquez does not sign a baseball contract, he's already fourth, which means he's a starting nickel and dime. If he does sign, we will work Brassell more at cornerback. Instead of 60-40, it might be 70-30."

Random Notes:

* You read what Offensive Coordinator David Lee and Defensive Coordinator Tyrone Nix had to say about the offense, the quarterbacks and the defense Saturday night after Saturday's scrimmage, but what of the other assistant coaches and their "grades?" Here's the rundown. OL Coach Mike Markuson gave the offensive linemen a C. "It was a typical first scrimmage," said Mike. "We did some good things and there was some bad. The first unit did the best, which you expect. We can correct from Saturday's scrimmage. We are still getting in football shape - getting used to bending, hitting and the pace. We are on schedule, but still have work to do in that area. I thought (RG) Matt Hall had the best scrimmage and freshman Aaron Morris keeps coming.". . . Secondary Coach Keith Burns gave his number ones "a solid B. They did a nice job, but can do better. We're trying to go up a letter grade a day.". . . DL Coach Terry Price had the "not bad, but can do better" line as well and gave his troops a C overall. "We made some plays, but we can make more, and we will. Not bad for a first scrimmage," he noted. . . WR Coach Gunter Brewer wants to see more consistency. "We need to start gelling as unit - it's time," he stated. Gunter gave a grade of C+. . . . Safeties Coach Chris Vaughn said his grade was "a B sometimes and at times a C." Overall, he was not disappointed, but said he's anxious to move up a notch. . . . Running Backs Coach Derrick Nix broke it down further. "We didn't play Jeff Scott and Brandon Bolden, but Enrique (Davis) had a C+, his fumbles killed an otherwise good day, Devin Thomas had a B-, H.R. Greer a B- and Earnest Harmon a B+ in eight snaps. We can do better, much better."

Aaron Morris
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* FB E.J. Epperson returned to practice Monday after missing several days last week with a concussion.

* DE Jason Jones (knee) is out for a few days due to the injury he sustained in the scrimmage.

* TB Jeff Scott missed today's practice due to a stomach ailment.

* WR Nick Brassell, who came out of the scrimmage with an ankle injury, was back at practice Monday and looked as fast as ever, even though Nutt said he is still a little sore and not quite 100%.

* TE Alex Williams tore his ACL in the scrimmage and is expected to miss the season after surgery and rehab. "He's such a good kid and has worked so hard, you just hate it for him," said Houston. "I am hurting for him. It makes me sick."

* MLB Mike Marry is dressing out at practice, but he's not going through any full-speed drills due to a pulled hamstring. The hope is that Mike will be back this week sometime.

* Backup DT Gilbert Pena broke his hand in Saturday's scrimmage and will miss a few days after a Sunday morning surgery. In his place, behind Justin Smith, the candidates are Bryon Bennett, who had a good scrimmage, and Carlton Martin.

* The practices are now closed after the first four periods, which doesn't show much to the media, but it appears the coaches are mixing some things up a bit. From the early indications, Aaron Morris was working with the first-team OL at left guard Monday ahead of Patrick Junen. "Aaron has made a huge jump. He's very mature for his age, he's physical and was the most physical of all the offensive line Saturday," noted Nutt . . . It also appeared there will be some movement on defense with some personnel in the back seven, but we could not sort it all out in one day because of the types of drills they were running in those open periods. Maybe - big maybe - we are going to see Damien Jackson at OLB and possibly Brishen Mathews back to safety.

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