With Or Without?

Life with or without Senquez Golson? That is the question.

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"He's right there," Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt said of the Rebel rookie from Pascagoula, meaning he is right there with the starters and is one of them. "You know he's starting in nickel. You know he's starting dime."

But the highly-touted Golson wasn't at practice again today. Drafted in the 8th round by the Red Sox and in Boston currently, he makes a decision before 11 p.m. CT today – Ole Miss or professional baseball.

"He's battling," said defensive backs coach Keith Burns of Golson. "There are three guys there, and he would be that fourth guy there in that nickel-dime situation. He's tough, raw. We want to use him outside his skill set. He's in a situation where he's physical, can press and play a rolled-up corner. And just try to take advantage of what he does at an early stage.

"Great attitude, very coachable," Burns continued. "Love to coach him. But in this position, and I've been there before, you want what's best for him and his family. If that's the best opportunity for him, we wish him well."

Senquez Golson
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Burns said he and his players will adapt if Golson is gone or if he returns.

"Somebody's got to step up. It will be somebody," Burns said. "I've tried to develop all of them."

The three "there" already?

"Marcus Temple has been outstanding. Wesley Pendleton, Charles Sawyer," Nutt said. "Those three guys have got to stay healthy. They're really doing a good job playing the football. They're very, very quick and fast. They're really doing a good job with coverage."

And if Golson does sign tonight?

"We've got to work Nick (Brassell) more (on defense), maybe instead of 70-30, it's 60-40, something like that," Nutt said.

Temple said he's on "Golson Watch" like everybody else.

"I've been asking the coaches all day have they heard anything," the senior cornerback said. "I want to text (Golson), but I'm letting him....I know it's a lot on his plate. So I'm just staying back and listening and waiting for word like everyone else is."

Temple said there aren't a lot of them in the defensive backfield, but they're giving it their best.

"It gets thin," he said. "We're getting a lot of reps in practice. It would definitely help if we had more help. But we don't have anymore, so we've got to do what we've got to do."

Temple likes the improvement they've made.

"As a unit, we've gotten a lot better. Everyone has taken coaching well, and we're just really trying to focus on the technique that Coach Burns is teaching us. Everybody's doing a great job right now."

And starting tomorrow, maybe officially without former teammate Senquez Golson. Or maybe with teammate Golson still in an Ole Miss uniform.

Either way, they move on from here.

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