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Naturally, since the developments Monday at quarterback concerning the suspension of Randall Mackey for one game, the interest level of the progress of Barry Brunetti and Zack Stoudt is through the roof. OC David Lee briefly updates the situation inside.

Ole Miss Offensive Coordinator David Lee is a cool hand, not easily flustered.

So it was not surprising to see him forge ahead with a steady hand after Quarterback Randall Mackey, who may have been the frontrunner for the starting slot, was suspended for the opener due to an off-the-field incident Monday night.

"I think we had a good practice today (Wednesday)," said Lee, straight to the point as always. "I was not as happy Tuesday, but we turned it around a little today. Starting QB Barry Brunetti had numerous errors Tuesday, about nine, a couple of which were disasters, but today he cut that to five or six, which is closer to acceptable as we get closer to the opener. He needs to keep trimming those down daily.

"I also thought Zack Stoudt had a good day today. We'll have him ready to go. We are looking at him in a two-minute situation, among other things. We have confidence in Zack."

Lee said the reps are being distributed differently now that the game is approaching.

"Barry's getting about 70% and Zack about 30% of the practice reps," David noted. "The closer we get to the games, the starter will get a higher percentage. Houston (Nutt) will start cutting back periods next week to keep everyone fresh so we will have to give the starter a higher percentage of reps."

David Lee
Chuck Rounsaville

The Rebel 'O' boss said he will go by feel in the opener in terms of quarterback use.

"It's a feel thing," he stated. "We've done this before at Arkansas with Matt Jones and Zack Clark. Matt was elusive, could run the option and throw some and Zack was more of a dropback guy.

"We'll just see how Barry is doing. If he is doing well, we'll stay right there, but we'll have Zack ready to go."

David believes the offense is on the right track.

"Overall, we had a good practice offensively," he continued. "We are on pace with what we are wanting to achieve. We've got more to do, but we are getting there. We'll keep working different situations this week and then it's game week.

"I have been really impressed with Brandon Bolden. He's such an upbeat player who practices so hard. I'll blow the whistle after a five-yard gain and he'll run 50. He's just that way. He will be ready to go. We've limited him and Jeff Scott in the scrimmages to keep them healthy, but I think both of them will be peaking when the first game rolls around."

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