NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- In one of those days you'd sooner forget, the Ole Miss Rebels laid an egg - a rotten one - at Vanderbilt, losing to the Commodores 30-7.

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I love my Rebels - be crystal clear on that point.

Despite popular belief that my close relationship with Houston Nutt clouds my objectivity, it's the passion for the team that actually pulls that number on me.

I'm not bailing on this team or staff, too much football left to be played, but even my deep love can't gloss over this debacle, this 30-7 loss to Vanderbilt. Yes, Vanderbilt.

That was a game even a mother would throw back.

Even Nutt said this one was a first for him and we're assuming he meant from a feeling hopelessnes standpoint.

It pains me to say it, but the Rebels in Nashville were not just bad, they looked lethargic, unable to muster any answer for a Vandy team that is now 3-0 but will have trouble winning more than they lose, it says here.

The grit was not there. The fire was not there.

And I am scratching my bald head as to why.

After what everyone within the program said was a "great week of practice," the Rebels laid an egg. A rotten one.

OC David Lee said it's on him. Nutt said it's on him. DC Tyrone Nix wanted to shoulder some blame as well.

That's noble, but that doesn't tell the whole story. This train wreck was on everyone.

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The Rebel offense was an inept as I have seen in a long time. If not for a late touchdown, that would have been the first time Vandy had shut out Ole Miss since the year after WWII.

Then, after the offense caved, and their futility ramped up even higher, the defense collapsed some in the final three quarters after a real good start.

Vandy popped an 80-yarder last year for a score right up the gut. They didn't get that this year, no, this time it was "only" 77 yards.

We witnessed a snap five yards over the QB's head, five interceptions, missed block after missed block, missed tackles, penalties at critical times, penalties after the game was decided - seriously, this was the Keystone Rebels.

I don't want to pile on after just three games, but geez, Rebs, give me something to hang my tattered cap on. Give me something to cling to.

Guess what?

As already stated, Vandy is average. They play inspired, they play tactical and they play under control, none of which the Rebels did, but if you think they have the talent LSU, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia and, wash my mouth out with soap, Mississippi State do, heaven help you.

It is now gut check time. Plain, simple and direct.

It's also a time for all of us to pray to the football gods that this was an awful aberration and this team cannot be this bad. I am on my knees already.

The Rebs will have to check their pride now, for sure.

If they have it, they will respond. If not, the embarrassment in Nashville will go a step beyond, to humiliation.

There is really nothing else to say, but Nutt said some things anyway.

He said that one was his responsibility. He said he knows the negativity surrounding the program will multiply. He also said he understands it and expects it.

He stopped short of saying the Rebs deserve some backlash, but we're assuming he felt that as well. Unfortunately, they do.

Buckle up Rebs or you haven't seen ugly yet.

You just think that equivalent of a football abortion was butt ugly.

It only gets tougher, much tougher, from here.

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