'O' No

Ole Miss Offensive Coordinator David Lee didn't have many answers after the one-sided loss to Vanderbilt that produced very little offense. He just said it was on him.

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"Fellows, I really don't know what to say," said Rebel Offensive Coordinator David Lee addressing the media after Vanderbilt disrupted virtually everything Ole Miss tried to do and ended up intercepting five passes. "All I can tell you is that it starts with me. I have to do a better job."

The Rebels only managed 234 yards of total offense - 149 in the air and just 85 on the ground. Starting Quarterback Zack Stoudt, under duress most of the day, ended up throwing five interceptions. Again, the Rebels were ineffective on third-down conversions, making just 4-14.

Not a day to write home about, by any stretch.

"I have somehow confused our players. We struggle lining up (correctly) at times and that starts with me," said Lee. "It's baffling. We prepared so well and practiced so well. We were so sharp and so confident coming in and then we play like this. . . . "

The collapse started early.

"Early on, we had a wheel route wide open for a touchdown and Zack (Stoudt) threw it right to the safety. It went downhill from there," said Lee.

The Rebel offensive line was also an issue again.

"Again, it starts with me. I have apparently overloaded them. We've got to simplify. We seem to have lost our aggressiveness," he continued. "When that happens, it's usually a sign they are thinking too much. That's on me."

Lee did say he is most likely sticking with Stoudt as his starter for Georgia.

"Right now, it looks like Randall (Mackey) has a badly bruised thigh, the other (Barry Brunetti) has not played in a couple of weeks, so right now, I am starting Stoudt next week," he ended.

The defense started strong, but, as Nutt said in his postgame presser, the offense didn't give them much of a chance to keep that going.

Defensive Coordinator Tyrone Nix took a different approach.

"It's a team sport. You win and you lose as a team," said Nix. "Early on, we did a lot of good things to give us a chance, but as the game wore on, we gave up too many plays.

"Right before the half, we had a play defended pretty well, with several guys around the ball carrier, but for some reason or another, we couldn't get the guy down and they were able to score. I thought that gave them momentum."

The Rebel defense held Vandy to one score in the second half, but it was a back breaker, a 77-yard run right up the gut for another Commodore score.

"We came out of the locker room playing pretty good, but when they popped that big one, well, it's just a play you can't give up with the game on the line," he said. "We missed a tackle there and that pretty much sealed the deal."

If there is a silver lining in this dark cloud, Nix was able to get some younger players in the game and watch them respond.

"I thought C.J. Johnson did a good job with the reps he got for his first time out. Serderius Bryant had five tackles in limited play, Nick Brassell had a couple of pass breakups in his first action at corner," Nix noted. "We'll keep playing those guys and some others to as the season progresses."

OL Coach Mike Markuson tried to relive the game chronologically.

"We were in a back and forth game for a while, but then we started blowing opportunities to keep drives going with penalties or poor execution," said Mike. "Our defense did a good job of hanging in there, but we didn't do our part. We did not execute.

"There are a lot of areas that have to be fixed, obviously. At times, we look OK, but we aren't consistent at all. We're just not getting it done."

He said the progression of the game caught everyone off guard.

"You know, they score once and you say 'so what, it's just 7-0.' Then they score on an interception return and it's 'what the heck's going on?'" he noted. "Offense is about execution, and we just aren't executing and that comes back on us as coaches.

"Offense is rhythm and we didn't have any today. I think we have seven or eight guys on the OL who can go in there and play, but we aren't getting it done. The bottom line is that we have a lot of season left and we have to keep fighting. We have to find five guys who will keep their heads up and keep going. Nobody saw this coming, but it happened and we have to correct it. We have to stay positive and hard and just get it fixed."

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