Letter To The Editor

Yesterday's barrage of advertisements in several big newspapers calling for the ouster of the Ole Miss administration was met with both disdain and applause. Here's a view from an old friend and his letter to the editor.

Dear Ole Miss friends,

In 1982 when Chuck, Mac Gordon and myself created The Ole Miss Spirit, we could never have envisioned then that it could become this powerful icon of Ole Miss sports and the platform for literally thousands of fans to simply point and click to have access to the latest up-to-the-minute Ole Miss sports news; let alone to be able to post on a message board or chat live with others on the latest news or rumors of the day. In 1982, Al Gore had not yet invented the Internet.

From the beginning, it was Chuck and Mac's idea that The Spirit needed a column written from the fan's point of view and thus, the Colonel Rebel Sez column was created. Yours truly assumed the nom de guerre of Colonel Rebel Sez. Those of you who were around then will recall that the column did not mince words when it came to voicing strong opinions about what Chuck describes on his Rebel Yell Hotline show as the "good, bad and the ugly".

But, after Chuck wisely followed my advice that, for The Spirit to be successful in the long run, he, Wanda and the children needed to move to Oxford; and, after one too many irate telephone calls from my friend Dog Brewer or one of his friends complaining about criticisms in the column, Colonel Rebel Sez retired, also to the delight of my wife who was sick and tired of the late night calls from people wanting to know the latest "inside" tidbits on anything about the Rebels.

And so, you wonder, why after 25 years and 5 bypasses later, and the real Colonel has justifiably been retired for years, does the ‘ol eternally optimistic one come out of retirement to reach out to my fellow Rebels: because to borrow a theme the football program used a few years ago, ‘It's Time'.

At 67, I have lived through the so-called glory years as an Ole Miss fan from championships, Sugar Bowls and Cotton Bowls to what I thought were the worst of times of no bowls and probation; but, nothing I have ever witnessed comes close to the lowest of the lows we are witnessing now when a group of disgruntled "fans" pulled a disgraceful stunt by publishing an ad in newspapers all over the state basically, and in so many words, calling for the firing of Athletic Director Pete Boone and, yes, even the Chancellor of the University, Dr. Dan Jones. Johnny Vaught and many of our fathers and mothers must be spinning in their graves.

What could this misguided group, who more aptly should be called "Backward Rebels", hope to accomplish? Not satisfied that their letters to the Chancellor to replace the Athletic Director were not heeded, they have partnered with a nut who has absolutely no connection to Ole Miss to take out their frustrations on the pages of every newspaper in Mississippi. You can hear the cheering in Starkville and Hattiesburg all the way to Oxford. As much as we love to put down those schools, never in their wildest dreams could they have hoped to reap the rewards from something as thoughtless and hurtful to Ole Miss as this barrage of negative publicity.

Coach Houston Nutt has frequently pointed out how destructive it can be to hand gifts to our adversaries. To be sure, those words of advice will fall on deaf ears to a group whose drastic demands can only be satisfied by the resignation or firing of the Athletic Director and the Chancellor. The idea that these misguided Rebels could possibly believe that running inflammatory ads in newspapers attacking the University administration would achieve their diabolical demands literally boggles the mind.

My fellow Rebels, it is time to stand up for Ole Miss and reject this radical attempt to destroy the administration of the University, all of this at the alter of a self-appointed group who will apparently stop at nothing, including destroying the very University they claim to support, to achieve their goals.

It is time to speak out and call out these mostly anonymous wannabe know-it-alls who have done and apparently will continue to do great harm to Ole Miss.

Now matter how you feel about the university administration, there's a right way and a wrong way to go about something. This is, hands down, the wrong way.

It is time to demonstrate the pride and loyalty that all of us should feel toward Ole Miss by voicing our objections to these negative and illegitimate tactics to cause the firing or resignation of the Athletic Director and the Chancellor. It is time to speak up and defend the integrity of the institution we all love and it is time because we are better than this. Aren't we?

Yours eternally,

(Rightfully Retired) Colonel Rebel Sez

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