David's Dilemma

The Ole Miss offense has been ineffective. The coaches have said it and you've seen it. OC David Lee said Saturday he's got to simplify, but how simple can you go and still be effective?

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Simplifying an offense sounds good on paper.

Find something you can do well, hang your hat on it and make sure you can do it right.

The mistake-prone Rebel offense is in dire need of that type of makeover, but Offensive Coordinator David Lee has to make sure it's not too simple.

"After watching the film, I didn't feel near as strongly as I did right after the game, but we are going to cut out about 30% of our plays and go with three protections instead of four," he said. "We want our guys to know what to do and be able to do it.

"We are young out there at some positions and we are struggling with it. We are trying to make it simpler. We struggled again today lining up at wide receiver - we may have to get the scissors out and cut back some more."

What about too simple?

David Lee and Randall Mackey
Chuck Rounsaville

"You have to concern yourself with being too simple because the coaches in this league want you to get bunched up. They lick their lips," he noted. "They want to make it into a nine-on-seven drill.

"You have to be careful not to get so simple you are predictable. You won't have any creativity, any perimeter plays, any misdirection where you can go inside or a bootleg off it. That's what is hard right now - there is a lot we would like to do, but we have to first make sure we can do things right and we know how to line up."

Lee was asked if it was fair to say the Rebs are still looking for something to hang their hats on offensively - something they can go to and know it will work.

"We have the inside and outside zone, which we've done here in the past. That is our staple. We know where that play is. We also want to develop the power play more - a play Mike Markuson likes to go with. I like the hard-nosed nature of it," he explained.

How much of the issue with the offense has simply been mistakes thus far?

"A lot of it. We had a receiver behind their secondary the other day and Zack (Stoudt) underthrew it eight yards and it was picked," said Lee. "We had already beaten that defender. We needed that play - we aren't good enough to throw away plays that are designed well and executed well except the throw. We had come off the two-yard line and were moving the ball. Had we gotten ahead of them 7-0, who knows what happens? As it is, they got ahead of us and started dictating to us instead of the other way around.

"We have to eliminate those kinds of things and we have to do that now."

Aaron Morris is likely to get his first start at left guard.

"He looked good to me. I like guys with good feet," he said. "He's got them. If you have offensive linemen with good feet, you have a chance. Everyone has a speed rusher. They have a good one - #29."

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