Thursday Wrapup

The Rebels wrapped up their full-speed game preparations for Georgia with a helmets and shorts workout Thursday.

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Rebel coach Houston Nutt as pleased with the week his football team put in while preparing for Saturday's 11:20 kickoff with the Georgia Bulldogs.

"I was really proud of the week's work the guys gave us," he said. "We are looking forward to playing Georgia."

One personnel change that is likely to surface is redshirt freshman Defensive Tackle Bryon Bennett getting the first start of his career.

"He's been very good. Bryon gives us some quickness up front, he's gotten better each week and he's showing some toughness," said Nutt. "The last two games, in limited action, he has made real progress and that has led us to give him more of an opportunity. He made some plays against Vanderbilt."

The Rebs are also going to start a true freshman in Left Guard Aaron Morris, who has been working with the number one OL all week in place of Patrick Junen, who started the first three games.

"Aaron has worked his way into the starting lineup as we continue our quest to find the best combination," Houston stated. "His eyes will be big when he runs out there, I'm sure, but I think he's going to be OK once he settles down a little."

Middle Linebacker Mike Marry was back in his walking boot Thursday after being in the boot Tuesday and practicing Wednesday.

"Mike's been a little slow-going this week and has been really sore, but I expect him to play. If not, Ralph Williams is ready to go and will play a lot anyway," explained Nutt.

Nutt has been talking about not having his "hammer" backs - Brandon Bolden and Enrique Davis - completely healthy since the opener against BYU. Any progress there?

"They are still a little hobbled, but we rested them a good bit today and there are still two days for them to rest before kickoff," he noted. "They will be available."

WR Melvin Harris, who has been out the first three games, is back in the fold.

"He acts like he's ready to play. He's had enough off time. We need Melvin to be ready. He has a tremendous height advantage and is one of our more experienced receivers. Hopefully he can get something done from us," Nutt said.

Asked what he expected from the Rebs, Nutt was quick to answer.

Wayne Dorsey
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"A lot of passion, a lot of heart and a lot of fight," he closed.

Defensive Coordinator Tyrone Nix knows what to expect from the Georgia offense.

"They are very explosive, one of the top offenses in the SEC. Aaron Murray is an excellent quarterback, one of the best in the SEC and the best we have seen so far," said Nix. "They have an outstanding freshman running back and a big offensive line.

Wide Receiver Tavaris King gets your attention. He's not leading the team in receptions, but he's very talented. Malcolm Mitchell is another good one. They distribute the ball very well and have a lot of weapons. They are a very talented football team that I am surprised is currently 1-2. They could easily be undefeated."

Nix said the key to containing the Georgia offense is doing things correctly.

"It's about the little things and doing what you are supposed to do within the scheme," he noted. "We are going to have multiple looks and mix up our coverages, but the biggest thing is to do things well so we can get them in some passing situations and run some coverages that may mix them up some."

Nix expects to get a lot out of Marry, but has backup plans if not.

"I expect Mike to play the whole game, but if not we have Ralph, Keith Lewis and C.J. Johnson," noted Nix. "We are going to rest him and treat him for two days though so I expect him to play a lot."

Nix followed Nutt's lead this week by praising senior DE Wayne Dorsey.

"Wayne has give us an outstanding effort. He made a commitment in the offseason. Everyone, including Wayne, was disappointed in his performance last year and he has taken that as a personal challenge," Nix closed. "I see great work ethic, I see a leader and I see a guy who is now playing his position well and making big plays."

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